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Student Learning Space (SLS)

Student Learning Space (SLS)


SLS Website:   https://vle.learning.moe.edu.sg/login

User Log In Troubleshooting Guide: https://static.learning.moe.edu.sg/UserGuide/login-troubleshooting.html#

SLS Video Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=80&v=F0FTP2FveSg

SLS Instructions & Guide: 
SLS Students Instructions & FAQs.pdf 

Student Briefing Slides on E-Learning 2: E-Learning Student Briefing_14 October 2019.pdf 

At Kranji Primary School, we believe in helping every child find joy in learning and equip our students with the skill to leverage on technology to become future-ready champions in life.

As part of Ministry of Education’s (MOE) commitment to nurture future-ready learners, an online learning platform known as the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) has been developed and rolled out in 2018 by MOE. The SLS is an online platform with tools and curriculum-aligned resources for all students to learn anytime, anywhere, collaboratively and at their own pace. With the SLS, students can take greater ownership of their learning and pick up skills and habits that prepare them for lifelong learning.       

Teachers will also use the SLS to complement classroom teaching and learning through designing meaningful lessons for students to explore and work collaboratively as well as facilitate students to learn at their own pace.   The Singapore SLS is collectively shaped by teachers and students. Taking into consideration their ideas and feedback on the resources and tools, the system is developed iteratively to stay dynamic and responsive.

Student's Username & Password 

Students have been informed of their SLS username and password. P1 to P3 students have their usernames and password printed in card form and attached to their student handbook , while P4 to P6 students have their username and password recorded in their handbook. 

The username of SLS is made up of students' name and Birth Certificate (BC) number.  For example, if your name is June Chan Mei Li,   and your BC number is T1234567A, then your SLS username is: JUNEC4567A

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: I have forgotten my username. What should I do? 

  • Check that you have recorded your SLS username in your handbook
  • Format of your user name is the first 5 characters of your name, and the last 5 characters of your BC number (Please check with your form/ subject teacher if you are not sure. )

Q2: I have forgotten my password on the day of e-learning. What should I do?

4 Ways to reset password:

1. password reset using password reset link in SLS

2. password reset using security questions in SLS

3. call the SLS Helpdesk at 67026513

4. call the school to speak to the SLS administrator


Q3: My account has been locked. What should I do? 

Your account will be locked after 6 consecutive attempts to log in with an incorrect password. 

 (i) On normal school days, please: Go to the our password reset page  to inform the school SLS admin about your locked account. 

Self password reset guide for P4-P6 students: Changing my SLS password.pdf 

(ii) On e-learning day, please:

1.  Call the SLS Helpdesk to unlock your account. You will need to answer the security questions to verify that you are 

the legitimate account holder. 

Tel: (65) 6702 6513 

Operating Hours:

Mondays ― Fridays: 9:00 am ― 9:00 pm  ;

Saturdays: 9:00 am ― 3:00 pm 

*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

2.  You may also call the school to speak to the SLS administrator on the e-learning day itself. 

Tel: (65) 67634812
Operating Hours: 8.30 am  ― 1:00 pm