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Our Learning Approach at KPS

Guided by our school vision of Joyful Learners, Gracious Citizens and Champions in Life, the EXCITE approach outlines how learning is designed, curated and enacted in Kranji Primary School (KPS).

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Jonathan Jevielin Kristianto Jonathan Jevielin Kristianto

Jonathan Jevielin Kristianto
Head Prefect, Class of 2020
Anglo Chinese School (Independent)

  • My 6 years in Kranji Primary School were the best times I had as a child. The teachers there were the most devoted teachers I have ever seen, making sure the students not only learn school subjects but also life lessons that have stayed with me to my teenage life. They are also the kindest people I have met and to me, they are like my second parents in life just like how Kranji Primary School is my second home. I have also learnt many lessons to prepare me for the future like being independent, compassionate and resilient . And I learnt this through all the lessons and programmes like the excursion trip to China and the Primary 4 Camp. All in all, these taught me to be Joyful Learners, Gracious Citizens and Champions in Life. Not only is Kranji Primary School my school, my second home but it is a part of me, part of my identity and I am very thankful that it is.
Anders Ng Hong Rui Anders Ng Hong Rui

Anders Ng Hong Rui
Head Prefect & Valedictorian
Class of 2019
River Valley High School

  • Looking back at my years in Kranji Primary, I can honestly say that there is no better school that is filled with so many committed teachers who dedicate their time to the fulfilment of every student’s individual goals and providing a rich learning environment.

    Without my teachers' care and patience in guiding me to correct my attitude towards learning and to instil sound values in me, I would have not been where I am today.

    Not only did these teachers shape our character, but they also imparted good values to us, turning all of us into joyful learners, gracious citizens and champions in life.

    I really love Kranji Primary School. Walking into the gate every morning never failed to excite me. This wonderful and safe environment was like my second home and the teachers were just like my second parents.

    I am very proud to tell people that Kranji Primary is the best primary school to be in and I would never switch anything for my awesome friends and dedicated teachers who were always there to support me especially when the going got tough.
Abinithi Arunkumar Abinithi Arunkumar

Abinithi Arunkumar
Head Prefect
Class of 2015
National Junior College

  • KPS was an awesome place to grow up in. The school has given me so many things that I still appreciate from the bottom of my heart. I was lucky enough to find my best friend there, who is still my best friend now, 9 years down the road. I learned to work hard because that is what the school environment pushed me towards. The acronym KPS not only stands for Kranji Primary School but also cleverly represents its motto- Knowledge, Practice, Success. The causal relationship that I discovered existing between these three words then is something I still strongly believe in now. Repeated practice- hard work can never fail you.
Alfred Chia Alfred Chia

Alfred Chia
Class of 2005
Duke-NUS Medical School MD-PhD candidate
A*STAR Scholar

  • Kranji Primary School and the teachers have made learning holistic and enjoyable. The teachers have always done their best to teach beyond the textbooks. I will never forget the exciting Science lessons where the learning was hands-on and experiential. The knowledge and skills I gained have helped me become who I am today. In addition to their technical expertise, the teachers were also the most nurturing group of educators. I will always be grateful to the wonderful teachers I met in my primary school days as they were very supportive and kind. Their passion to teach have helped me grow as an individual and inspired my interest in Science and research.
Voice of our Alumni