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Malay Language

Our Vision

Kranjian pupils will develop lifelong passion in the learning of their Mother Tongue languages and culture.

Our Mission

To create a joyful and stimulating environment to help our pupils to achieve excellence in their Mother Tongue languages and culture.

Signature Programmes

    • Build confidence in self-expression
    • Write and present scripts
    • Discover the process of news creation for broadcast
    • Practise writing news in standard reportable  formats
    • Learn the art of presentation to be a junior reporter


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The trail covered Bussorah Street, Sultan Mosque and Arab Street.

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Pupils learnt about the different types of “ulam” (salad) that are used in Malay cooking. There was also Roti Kirai demonstration and pupils had the opportunity to fry their own Roti Kirai and ate it with Chicken Curry.


P1 & P2 Singing Competition

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ML Reading Programme @ Reading Cafe

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Reading cum viewing of video on famous Malay folktales

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ML Book Sharing for P1 & P2 Pupils

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