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Parent Support Group

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Objective of KPS PSG:

To collaborate with the school and support with commitment in areas of need so as to create a vibrant and nurturing environment for pupils and staff.

  • Promotes and fosters relationship healthy between parents and school.
  • Serves as a communication channel for parents to provide constructive feedback on school policies and programmes.
  • Plays a part in recruiting and leading other parents to join this meaningful endeavour to ensure sustainability of home-school partnership. 
  • Creates a network of links for the school, its families and the communities
  • Being active and committed in supporting the school in respective areas
  • Acts as a channel of communication between the school and parents on issues and concerns, to seek clarifications of decision and resolve them. 

PSG Involvement 

Parent-Child Nature Walk to Southern Ridges 2014
parent-child southern ridges 2014.jpgparent-child southern ridges 2014-2.jpg

Open House 2014
open house 2014.jpgopen house 2014-2.jpg
open house 2014-3.jpg

Lower Primary Games Day
lower primary games day.jpglower primary games day-2.jpg

Children’s Day
children's day.jpgchildren's day-2.jpg
Bonding at Gardens by the Bay
bonding at GBB.jpgbonding at GBB-2.jpg
bonding at GBB-3.jpg

Primary One Orientation 
P1 orientation.jpgP1 orientation-2.jpg