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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Developing Champions in Life through Sports

The school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) “Developing Champions in Life through Sports”, encapsulates the DNA of Kranji Primary School where active sports participation is encouraged and grown through the years, complemented by a strong character education programme in the development of Kranjian Champions. 

Kranjian Champions are life-long learners who strive to: 

      • Demonstrate resilience and adaptability in the pursuit of their goals
      • Take ownership of their learning
      • Communicate and collaborate effectively with others 
      • Lead others and serve the community 

Our LLP adopts a whole-school approach in the development of Kranjian Champions. Employing a structured approach with a strong emphasis on values education and the development of the 21st Century Competencies (21CC), the LLP consists of two thrusts - Sports Experience and Sports Excellence

LLP framework.jpg

Sports Experience

Sports Experience is the foundational thrust of our Learning for Life Programme (LLP). Through Physical Education and Character & Citizenship Education lessons, core knowledge, skills and values is imparted to every student. This thrust seeks to provide all Kranjians with a rich variety of sporting experiences to reinforce their aptitudes and attitudes in becoming a Champion in Life.

Competitive sporting experiences are effective platforms to nurture positive traits such as resilience and sportsmanship. We design and provide opportunities for all Kranjians to participate in at least one competition, through platforms like ‘Budding Champions Day’ and ‘Champions Day’.  In addition, our camps are designed for a progressive experience from a 2D1N camp in school for Primary 4 students to a 3D2N camp at an external campsite for Primary 5 students to further augment our efforts to develop character and 21CC in our students.  This also primes our children for their overseas immersion trips for selected Primary 5 students to Suzhou/Shanghai in China, and a cohort trip for Primary 6 students to Malacca in Malaysia.

Recreational sporting experiences through ‘Play Cool Sports’ and participation in Physical Sports Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) at recreational level is available to all students. We hope to broaden their experiences and interests by providing recreational sports training and game plays in a non-competitive and fun environment.  In doing so, we strive to promote an active and healthy lifestyle and develop a lifelong passion for sports in our students. 

Sports Excellence

This thrust caters to the needs of high performing students in Physical Sports CCA by providing them with opportunities to further their talents and strengthen their character. There is application of training in higher competition as they develop sport-specific strength and fitness conditioning. School team players receive opportunities to participate in friendly matches, fiestas and National School Games competitions. The school emphasises the importance of ‘giving one’s personal best’ and showing good sportsmanship in the process. 

The school team players develop their mental strength through regular reflections such as post match reviews. They are also equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage their role as student athletes and to transfer these skills to life pursuits such as academic excellence. 

Many of our school team players have used their talents in sports to apply successfully for Direct School Admission (DSA) to a whole range of secondary schools.

In addition to participating in sports, our student athletes also contribute back to our community through our curated Values-in-Action programmes. The CCA outreach programmes to MOE Kindergarten@Kranji and other kindergartens around our neighbourhood allow our students to share their knowledge and skills with the younger children through fun and engaging activities. 

Budding Champions Day

This sporting event provides our Primary 1 and 2 students with the opportunity to display their fundamental movement skills through a variety of exciting relays and game challenges. Amidst the challenge of clearing each stage with finesse and competing against one another, our students display good sportsmanship and always give their best in each game.To foster greater engagement between students, our lower primary students also buddy up with our MOE Kindergarten students, in relay competitions where they work together in tandem to complete a series of challenges. Parents are invited to participate in parent-child relay races during Budding Champions Day, and this provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to be involved in their child's school experience and build memories together.

Our CCA and Sports leaders are given opportunities to serve our Kranji community of students and parents by assisting in different games and activities. They provide guidance and encouragement to our lower primary students, helping parents through parent-child races and serve as cheerleaders for their lower primary friends.

step and swing.jpg
Step and swing, aim and toss!

crawling.jpgCrawling as fast as I can to get to the next station!

jump high.jpg
Jump as high as you can and make your way through the obstacle

parent-child relay.jpg
Working together to reach a common goal! Let's go mum and dad!

Champions Day

Champions Day is a yearly event for our Primary 3 to 6 students to celebrate Children’s Day and take part in modified games like Captain’s Ball, Football, Floorball and Tchoukball. They get to demonstrate their fundamental & specialised skills and movement concepts learnt in Physical Education lessons.  Students are also challenged to form and work in teams with  peers from other classes to compete in a wide variety of sports and games, and are required to give their personal best to win as many points as possible for the team they are representing. This collaboration across classes allows for greater bonding experiences within the cohort and promotes cohort and school identity. 

champion day - basketball.jpg

Will we score a point?

champion day - netball.jpg

Yes! It's a catch

champion day-Tchoukball.jpgTchoukball.jpg

                            Something new, Tchoukball!                                   Learning a new game is really fun! I have never played Tchouckball until now

champion day-hockey.jpgSharing a laugh over a goal scored

champion day-football.jpgIt's not easy to get pass the opponents! Going for ball!

Outdoor Adventure Camps

Our outdoor adventure camps are a key aspect of our Learning for Life Programme (LLP). The camps are a highlight for our students in their schooling experience, as they get to forge meaningful friendships with their peers, build resilience and adaptability through the outdoor experience, and develop leadership qualities as they learn to communicate and collaborate with others. As the students reside together at the campsite, far away from home, they learn to be independent, and to be sensitive to the needs of their peers. The camps are designed for a progressive experience - from a 2D1N camp in school for Primary 4 students to a 3D2N camp at an external campsite for Primary 5 students. A range of activities including outdoor cooking, team bonding games and challenges, campfire, as well as exposure to high and/or low elements ropes course is part of the experience. 

outdoor camp - love team.jpg                                                                                                                I love my team!

outdoor camp - high rope.jpgAll geared up and ready to conquer the high rope obstacle course

outdoor camp - high obstacles.jpg                                                                    Clearing the high obstacles is a challenge but we can do it!

outdoor camp - rock climbing.jpgLet's try to reach the top together!

Play Cool Sports

Play Cool Sports in offered to all Primary 3 to 6 students to expose them to sports beyond the PE curriculum and enhance their movement education through application of skills in novel sports. Through the programme, students get to explore different sports such as Golf, Archery and Fencing, allowing them to build foundation skills and knowledge of the games. Students also demonstrate resilience and take ownership of their learning as they show determination to learn the sport. Some of the sports introduced are team sports, hence the students will be able to work in a respectful manner with others in a group setting to meet group goals To do so, they will need to practise their communication, collaboration and information skills.

cool sport - roller skate.jpg
cool sport - fencing.jpg

Rollerblading is fun but having to balance and move is not easy!   I can barely see my opponent but I definitely look forward to this
                                                                                                         fencing experience. Lunge and parry away!

cool sport - rugby.jpg                                                                        How come this ball is not round and I have to throw in a different manner? Touch Rugby

cool sport - frisbee.jpg                                                                                                Quick reflexes required for Frisbee!

cool sport - archery.jpg

Will we hit the bull's eye? Let's aim and shoot.

cool sport - archery aim.jpgcool sport - skipping.jpg

Aiming to do our best in Archery!                                                                Skipping to our hearts' content!                                                        

cool sport - dragonboat.jpg
Dragonboating requires teamwork, let's row in unison.

cool sport - dragonboating.jpg
Building team spirit as we row together as one in Dragon Boating.

Sports CCA

In Kranji, two physical sports Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), namely Football and Basketball, are offered to interested Primary 3 to Primary 6 students. Physical sports CCAs provide our students with a balanced range of opportunities to develop a healthier and stronger body through participation in sports, while also developing team spirit, fair play and sportsmanship in our students. For individuals who exhibit talent and a deep passion for Football and Basketball, they will join our school team and participate in targeted development programmes to further develop them in these particular sports areas. 

football - pass attack.jpg
Ready to pass and attack!

basket counts.jpg
Every basket counts!

basketball champion senior girls.jpg

National Champions in 2019/2018/2017 National School Games Basketball Senior Girls Division

basketball junior boys.jpg

National School Games: 2019 Junior Boys Division - Tier 2 Top 8 (Basketball)