D.I.C.E. (Drama infused Curriculum in English)

         Drama is a vehicle to inject an element of fun in language learning, and to ignite their imagination through role play. It is a powerful teaching tool to capture the attention of students in the classroom to bring about effective language learning. In Kranji Primary School, our drama infused curriculum provides opportunities for students to learn English through authentic and interactive learning experiences. Interesting strategies such as Hot Seating, Freeze Frame and Readers Theatre not only enhance pupils’ critical thinking and decision-making skills, but also instil in them 21st century competencies such as curiosity, confidence and co-operation.

         Drama is infused through the Stellar Curriculum to make language learning fun and dynamic. A classroom can be transformed into an imaginary or real world setting for students to explore and develop ideas. In addition, pupils are also given opportunities to participate in Speech and Drama programmes as part of level-wide enrichment. Through DICE, our students overcome their fear and shyness and develop the confidence to express themselves spontaneously.