Champion Chef

The cooking and working with food is used as a valuable tool that offers a wealth of opportunities for students to learn many basic mathematical concepts.

The Champion Chef Programme uses such hands-on approach to take students through a series of authentic learning experiences during which baking and the application of mathematics skills in inter-related.

Primary 1 – French Toast

Primary 2 – Cookie Baking

Primary 3 – Pizza Bread

Primary 4 – Cupcakes for Care

Primary 5 -  Pizza Delicious

Learning Math through baking!.jpg


Math concepts learnt through tasty treats allow abstract concepts to become concrete and real. It enables students to grasp principles of fractions, adding, subtracting, multiplying and even dividing as they engage in culinary activities. Teaching math through cooking incorporates all five senses, making it a learning experience where students can easily relate and apply to as they understand the importance and relevance of math in real life.

Besides the application of basic measurement and kitchen skills, the students also learn to work with their peers, displaying the school core values.