Awe and Wonder

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The Science Department’s mission is to nurture and develop inquiring minds in our students. Teaching and learning are anchored on inquiry-based lessons where students are exposed to hands-on activities in the learning of science concepts. To enahnce students’ learning, authentic learning experiences are provided through our key programme, Awe & Wonder in Science, which aims to instil a sense of curiosity in students as they learn science within the classroom and beyond. While being introduced to a scientific concept, students are exposed to discrepant events to pique their interest. These ‘surprising’ events allow them to develop an inquiry mindset. Students raise questions related to the topic through structured journal writing. They are also encouraged to be self-directed learners in the search for answers to their questions. Teachers will also address some of these questions thereafter.

Beyond the classrooms, P3 and P4 students are issued the Awe & Wonder card. The card consists of science activities which are in line with the topics that they are learning in school. Students can choose the activities that they would like to explore further and complete a series of them, at the end of which they will receive a token for their efforts.

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Investigative skills are further developed through performance tasks, which form part of the holistic assessment in Science. Students are given a scenario or mission on which they have to design their experiment, gather information, interpret data and make conclusions based on their findings.

The Science Department also plans learning journeys to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. Learning journeys serve to provide authentic learning experiences for the students and further fuels the spirit of Awe & Wonder in Science. Some of the places that students are brought to are as follows

P3 - Mushroom Farm

P4 - Oh’ Farms

P5 - Science Centre (DNA Detectives)

P6 - Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve