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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Nurturing Joyful Learners through Critical and Inventive Thinking

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Nurturing Joyful Learners through Critical and Inventive Thinking embodies the school’s aspirations 

and drive in realising our school vision of ‘Joyful Learners, Gracious Citizens, Champions in Life’. 

Rooted in our belief that “Every Kranjian Matters and Deserves the Best”,
the ALP programme is specially designed to develop critical and inventive Kranjians.

The ALP programme runs through a 3-tiered Approach – Experience, Inquire and Hone, anchored by a strong foundation in the Sciences (Mathematics and Science curriculum). The ‘Experience’ and ‘Inquire’ tiers seek to provide opportunities for the masses while ‘Hone’ tier will promote the learning for interested and talented students. The approach is designed to allow students to deepen their appreciation and application of as they progress through each tier.

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Junior Tinkering Programme

The Junior Tinkering Programme was conceptualized to give our students a head start in developing 21st Century Competencies.  These competencies, such as critical and inventive thinking skills, communication, collaboration and information skills, are core to the ALP.  The Junior Tinkering Programme was designed in-house by our teachers and tailored for our Kranjians.  It is conducted as part of the curriculum for our students in Primary 1 and 2 on a weekly basis.

Primary 1- Tinkering Basics

P1 tinkering.jpgp1 tinkering octopus.jpg

                    We are building the tallest ice cream castle!                                                Look....my red octopus can stand!

Primary 2 - Tinkering with Strawbees

p2 tinkering 2D shapes.jpgp2 thrus bridge.jpg

                                            Look at our 2D shapes                                                                  We built a strong and stable Truss Bridge                                                                                                                    

K Maker Programme

The Makerspace forms the backbone of the K-Makers Programme where all students will be given the opportunity to engage in the process of making to learn, unlearn and re-learn. As part of the process, students will learn to create, innovate, recover from failure, and build critical thinking and problem solving skills.  This will be done through a 3-tiered approach as given below, catering to the different readiness of each child. As a consolidation for the ALP, an InnoCarnival is held at the end of the year to celebrate and showcase the journey of innovation and the rich variety of student products to the school community.
k-makers programme.jpgHighlights of the Innocarnival

innocarnival.jpginnocarnival fun.jpg

                                                                       Young makers creating their own light-up cards

microbit.jpgmicrobit watches.jpg

                            What is Micro:bit?                                                                            Check out our cool Micro:bit watches!

exploring ozobot.jpgsaving path for ozobot.jpg

                        Exploring how the Ozobot works                                                    Setting the path for the Ozobot

Project Work

Project Work unites the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in an inter-disciplinary way, as students are challenged to apply their concepts and process skills learnt during lessons, to solve authentic problems beyond the classroom. Using the 5-stage Design Thinking Process and integrating Maker-Centered approaches, students explore, tinker and problem-solve through the creation of prototypes, tapping on the affordance of technology such as digital portfolio, platforms and devices to augment the learning experience.

Project Work.jpg
P5 young enviromentalist.jpgP5 young environmentalist in action.jpg

Primary 5 Young Environmentalist in action

p5 water filtration.jpgPrimary 5 students with their portable Water Filtration System

Science Club

Science Club CCA provides opportunity for extension for Primary 3 to 6 students, who demonstrate strong interest in Science.  Through their response to everyday problems using the maker-centred approaches, students engage in drafting, designing and testing their solutions while maintaining a strong focus on the application of science concepts.

    science club - prototype chair.jpgscience club - prototype chair testing.jpg

Young Scientists testing their prototypes of portable chairs designed for senior citizens

Talent Development Programme

The Talent Development Programme is designed to develop and challenge students who are talented in Mathematics and Science through the learning of advanced concepts beyond their Primary Science and Mathematics curriculum through hands-on activities. Students are given opportunities to undertake a series of mini-investigative projects designed to sharpen their laboratory skills and grow their capacity for critical and inventive thinking.  Opportunities for exposure through participation in competitions and other external activities provide the platform for students to extend their learning beyond the school.

talent development programme.jpg

development thinking.jpg
 Activities to develop thinking and reasoning skills in Mathematics

young mathematician.jpgYoung Mathematicians explore different methods of problem solving