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1:1 Learning Experience


1:1 Learning Experience refers to the allocation of one device for every student. This allows students to access learning, both in and out of the classroom.

Each P4 and P5 student is provided with an iPad to support them in learning. The main aim of the 1:1 Learning Experience is to enable our students to gain future-ready competencies. By redesigning how teachers teach and how students learn with technology, we strive to create a positive and impactful teaching and learning environment which encourages our students to:

·       take ownership of their learning

·       participate in collaborative learning and

·       extend their learning beyond the classroom.

This is achieved through providing tools and resources that allow them to acquire and hone their collaborative, critical thinking and communication skills.  Students learn independence through self-directed learning, and have increased engagement in learning. In this way, students are supported in their development of digital literacies. They learn the etiquette of the use of devices and understand the importance of new media literacy. These are knowledge, skills, practices and attitudes necessary for a future-ready learner.   

Learning Experience

In Kranji Primary School, our P4 and P5 students are provided with an iPad for their daily learning. With the use of e-Pedagogy, active learning takes place. This creates a classroom that allows Kranjians to participate, connect and reflect on their learning. 

Learning activities are crafted with our Kranjians' learning experience and the learning outcomes in mind. The learning processes entails students making sense of information to achieve deep understanding and/or develop a skill. Tapping on the affordances of technology, learning is transformed where students are more participative, reflective and connected. 

With 1:1 Learning Experience, the learning of our Kranjians is no longer constrained by physical space. Learning can now take place anywhere, anytime; across space, across time. This allows teachers to blend learning seamlessly in both face-to-face and online spaces, synchronously and asynchronously. 

Our iPad Learning Experience