Finding joy in Science, developing inquiring minds


To nurture young scientists through scientific inquiry

Signature Programme:

Awe & Wonder in Science
  • To engage students through tuning-in activities at the start of a new topic
  • The tuning-in activities spark curiosity among students leading to self-directed learning

Blood Pressure Initiative Programme

In term 2, the Primary Five students participated in the Blood Pressure Initiative Programme. The school has partnered Singapore Heart Foundation to educate the students on the importance of knowing the optimal blood pressure reading and the causes of high blood pressure. The students had an engaging hands-on session with the facilitator from Singapore Heart Foundation and took home a blood pressure monitor to take their family members blood pressure readings. Through this programme, the students played the role of health ambassadors to influence their family members to constantly monitor their blood pressure readings and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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    P6 Learning Journey to Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve

    The Primary Six students were at the reserve for Science learning journey, relating their concepts learnt in class to real life examples in the natural world. At the reserve, students were encouraged to use all 5 sensory perceptions to experience the natural world.

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    P4 Learning Journey to Science Centre

    The Primary Four students visited the Science Centre for a learning journey called ‘Light Up Story’. Through this half-day workshop, students constructed their own storyboard using LED lights and to showcase a story and its mood on the screen. This learning journey provided a platform for students to use their creativity and to tap on the rich learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

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