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Physical Education

PE Curriculum Framework

The purpose of physical education is to enable students to demonstrate individually and with others, the physical skills, practices and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living.

The PE syllabus seeks to achieve the goals of physical education based on the framework above. Students learn fundamental movement skills incorporating the movement concepts. They develop efficiency, effectiveness and versatility in their performance as they practise and transfer their skills across the seven learning areas of Athletics, Dance, Games and Sports, Gymnastics, Outdoor Education, Physical Health and Fitness, and Swimming to become competent movers. Through a balanced and well-designed curriculum, delivered through appropriate and effective pedagogies and meaningful assessment, students will acquire the knowledge, skills and values to live active and healthy lives.

Department Pedagogy

Our Physical Education teachers consciously make use of movement as the primary medium to reach and teach the whole child through the following three modes:
      • Education in movement
      • Education through movement
      • Education about movement

Students in the lower primary will be exposed to fundamental motor skills through the Movement Education. A variety of basic locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills will be built up through varied fun experiences in educational gymnastics, dance, and sports & games.

As students acquire developmentally appropriate knowledge to enhance understanding, mastery and application of movement skills, they will further develop their physical and cognitive abilities in the upper primary. The Games Concept Approach (GCA) is widely utilised to introduce performance skills and simple tactics in modified games settings. Students are given opportunities to brainstorm for solutions in authentic situations and are fully engaged in physical, cognitive and social challenges that promote their holistic learning.

Through the PE programme, we aim to develop our students’ fundamental movement and games skills, and equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enjoy a lifetime of active and healthy living. 

Level Programme

The 6-year PE Programme is presented below.

pe programme.jpg

In Kranji, a whole-school approach is adopted in promoting health and skill-related fitness complemented by interactive assembly talks, skits and exhibitions. Apart from school-based health and skill-related fitness practices that value-add to our PE curriculum, opportunities are given to students to apply their learning and experience of Physical Education through sporting events that are inclusive and promote mass participation. Broad-based and interest-specific experiences are embedded with character development opportunities as we strive to educate and encourage students to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.  These are presented through the school’s signature Learning for Life Programme “Developing Champions in Life through Sports”.

Level Programmes (Learning Areas)


Dancing in unison.JPG                                                                                    Dancing in unison

Time to modify the steps.JPG

Time to modify the steps

Games & Sports

Run to space.JPG                                                                Run to space, if not I cannot pass the ball!

Getting ready to take a shot.JPG                                                                            Getting ready to take a shot!


gym.jpg                                                            Part of my sequence is to do a one-point balance

Swimsafer 2.0 Programme


Keep your legs straight and kick up a storm!

swim practise.jpg

We look forward to each and every swimming class!


building stamina.jpg

Building our stamina!


Practising for crouch start.  Ready, get set .....

Physical Health and Fitness

fitness talk.jpg

Assembly Talk to reinforce the importance of Healthy Eating