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Physical Education

Objectives of PE

With a vision of "Towards Robust Children", we aim to develop children who are physically and mentally strong and healthy. By providing pupils with both broad-based and interest-specific experiences that are imbedded with character development, we strive to educate and encourage them to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle for life. 

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We adopt a whole-school approach in promoting health and skill-related fitness through interactive assembly talks, skits and exhibitions, as well as, physical activities such as regular mass exercises.  

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Apart from our health and skill-related fitness practices that are added vitamins to our PE curriculum, we also provide opportunities for pupils to apply and broaden their foundation content in culminating sporting events that are inclusive and promote mass participation. 

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In addition, we strive to expose pupils to a variety of sports and adventure so that we can further develop their character and build their interest in pursuing an active lifestyle. 

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