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Every pupil will be confident citizens and active contributors.


Through music, all pupils will develop communication and interpersonal skills. They will also develop a global awareness of and appreciation for the diverse cultures in the world.

Curriculum Framework


The General Music Programme (GMP) is developed on the premise that all students are musical and have the innate ability to listen, sing, dance, play and express themselves musically. They learn music best through active participation in performing, listening, moving and creating music.

A broad-based music education equips students with basic musical knowledge and skills. It is guided by the principles of encouraging the learning of music through direct experiences in Listening, Performing and Creating as well as fostering the appreciation of music of different cultures through exposure to a range of music in local and global cultures. A lifelong connection to music is nurtured through the acquisition of basic music literacy and performing skills (Based on MOE’s Music Curriculum Framework).

This Curriculum Framework focuses on providing musically engaging music lessons through student-centric teaching approaches, where students learn through the musical experiences of listening, performing and creating. Values can be cultivated through music learning and making. Pupils are responsible for their own parts so that they can contribute more effectively to the musical ensemble. Pupils also cultivate respect, care and integrity through working collaboratively with their team mates. For the emerging 21st Century Competencies, students need to develop civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills, critical and inventive thinking as well as communication, collaboration and Information skills.



To provide opportunities for students to use musical concepts/elements and integrate skills and process so as to enhance their understanding of music from various cultures and genres, as well as its role in daily living.
  • Listening to music
  • Creating music
  • Performing music
  • Psycho-motor


Processes are complex operations which call upon the use of several skills. They are:
  • Communications, collaboration and information skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Global Awareness

Elements of Music

Music is an aural art form consisting of the organisation of sounds in time. An understanding of music begins with the perception of its basic elements and concepts Pupils learn to use musical concepts or elements to describe their musical performances and compositions.
  • melody
  • harmony
  • rhythm
  • tone colour
  • form
  • tempo
  • dynamics

Additional Programmes for P1 to P6

Additional programmes such as Performing Arts Appreciation Week, Violin Enrichment and AMIS programme are conducted to provide opportunities for pupils to gain musical experiences through active participation and respecting cultural differences. Pupils also interpret music in their own styles and to create movements and melodies.

Performing Arts Appreciation Week

This programme provides a platform for pupils to gain confidence and showcase their talents through Assembly performances. Pupils are able to appreciate different genres of music through the exposure of the different performances of performing groups and talented pupils in our school.


Violin Enrichment Programme

Pupils play a repertiore of solo and ensemble musical pieces from Western Classical and folk songs genre in Violin Enrichment Programme. They develop musicianship and listening skills through ensemble playing.


AMIS Programmes 2015

The AMIS is part of MOE’s continuous efforts to provide additional teaching resources in Art and Music education to schools. The Arts education aim to help every pupil develops skills such as cognitive, sensory and psychomotor. Through tapping on these resources, pupils’ interests in music are stimulated as well as musical knowledge and abilities are enhanced.

P4IT Music: Garage Band
P5String Instrument (Ukuleles)
P6Rhythmic Exploration

AMIS Programmes

P3 Boomwhackers
p3 boowhackers.pngp3 boomwhackers2.jpg

P4 Garage Band – Making a music video production
p4 garage band.jpgp4 garageband-2.jpg

P5 Ukulele – Rhythm through Strumming
p5 ukelele.jpgp5 ukelele2.jpg