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Malay Language

Kranjian pupils will develop lifelong passion in the learning of their Mother Tongue languages and culture.


To create a joyful and stimulating environment to help our pupils to achieve excellence in their Mother Tongue languages and culture.

Signature Programmes

  • Build confidence in self-expression
  • Write and present scripts
  • Discover the process of news creation for broadcast
  • Practise writing news in standard reportable  formats
  • Learn the art of presentation to be a junior reporter

MTL Fortnight

P1 & P2 Singing Competition
mtl fortnight-3.jpg

mtl fortnight-4.jpg

ML Reading Programme @ Reading Cafe
mtl fortnight-5.jpg

Reading cum viewing of video on famous Malay folktales
mtl fortnight-6.jpg

ML Book Sharing for P1 & P2 Pupils
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