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Every Kranjian a joyful and confident problem solver with strong numeracy skills


  • To enable our pupils to attain mastery of mathematical concepts and knowledge
  • To develop thinking and reasoning skills through solving of mathematical problems
  • To develop positive attitudes towards Mathematics
  • To build confidence and perseverance in the learning of Mathematics

Signature Programmes:

Math Champion Chef

We believe learning Math can be fun, relevant and meaningful if students are immersed in an environment that stimulates their thinking and arouse their curiosity. The Math Champion Chef programme aims to create authentic learning experiences where pupils can learn concepts and skills in the process of baking.


Students were given opportunities to apply mathematics in a real-life situation. This includes counting, estimating and measuring volume/mass of ingredients. It creates a platform where learners could communicate the mathematical language through their interaction during the activity. They see the relevance of mathematics in their life and thus find joy and meaning in learning mathematics. 

Programme Highlights for each level (A few photos to be embedded if possible):

In line with MOE’s “Teach Less Learn More” initiative, the Math department provides opportunities for our pupils to explore and discover mathematical ideas and concepts in varied situations as well as learning through hands-on activity.

The following programmes are implemented to engage our pupils in active and meaningful learning thus developing every pupil to be a joyful and confident problem solver.

Key Programmes/eventsActivities
Fun in Learning Programme
  • P1 Math Trail
  • P1 Shopping Trip
  • P2 TeleMath
  • Math Carnival
Champion Chef
  • Cookies Baking @ P2
  • Pizza Bread @ P3
  • Cupcakes for Care @ P4
  • The Knead to Care and Share @ P6 (Handmade Pizza)
Integration with other 
  • P1 & P2 Shape Art Project
  • P4 Symmetry Art
  • P5 Tessellation Art Project
Olympiad Competitions
  • Raffles Institutions (RIPMWC)
  • Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)
  • Asian Pacific Mathematical Olympiad (APMOS)
  • National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMOS)

P2 TeleMath