Cyber Wellness


Dear parents,

Do you worry about your child’s screen time and online activities? The internet can be a really scary place of the unknown for our children. Entirely stopping our children to use the internet may seem like a solution. However, our children are digital citizens who needs technology to enrich their lives in many ways when used responsibly.

Risks can be minimised when rules on screen time and online safety is in placed in every household.

The KPS Cyber Wellness Committee is here to support you with information on ways you can monitor and provide support to your child’s screen time at home. We will also update you on the cyber wellness education programmes that are conducted in our school.

We follow and equip our students with knowledge of the three cyber wellness principles set by the Ministry of Education.

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*screen time activities done in front of a screen, such as watching TV, working on a computer, using social media, chatting or playing games.

What goes on during Form Teacher Guidance Period - Cyber Wellness Education Lessons.

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Behind the scenes - Preparation for CW Roadshow 2019

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CW Roadshow 2019 - Internet Safety is Our Responsibility

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The event was so well-received, students had to queue for all 4 game stations.

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