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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Joyful & Responsible Digital Learners who are Future-Ready Champions in Life


To ensure Quality Learning (empowered with technology) for all Kranjians.

The ICT Experience @ KPS!

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Our ICT Programmes

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Student Learning Space (SLS)

As part of Ministry of Education's (MOE) commitment to nurture future-ready learners for the 21st century, the SLS is an online learning platform that allows our students to drive their own learning and learn at their own pace. Students can access learning resources for all major subjects across different grade levels.

ICT Facilities

The school has three computer laboratories and three mobile carts equipped with laptops optimised for teaching and learning purposes. Students and teachers also have access to the use of iPads for mobile learning to take place. In collaboration with both the instructional and non-instructional programmes, pupils have opportunities to enhance their learning experience in an ICT-empowered learning environment.