Students will be able to:

      • Build character, improve physical fitness, instil lifeskills and develop a spirit of community service 
      • Participate in a group environment which is intellectually stimulating, physically vital and directed towards satisfying his/her basic need to face and overcome challenges


Friday7.30am to 9.00amWithin curriculum hours

Teacher IC & Email address

Teacher ICEmail address (ICON)
Mdm Sri Rahayu Bte Mohd
Mrs Hesheam Hashim


Scouts sessions take the form of an opening ceremony, activities for progress badges, as well as participating in games and songs. Our Senior Scouts (or Sixers) take turns to conduct the opening ceremony while the others take turns to lead games and songs. Through the activities, the Scouts develop a sense of pride and have opportunities to engage with their peers.     

Scouts are able to earn badges and awards upon completion of an accomplishment or the learning of a new skill. Sometimes the reward is a pin, patch or trophy. Awards patches are prominently displayed on the Scout uniform, which they wear with pride. Scouts is a great place for boys and girls to learn essential life and leadership skills, which has both a positive impact on their social and educational development.

Scouts have three progress levels to achieve from Primary 3 to Primary 6

    1. Bronze Arrow Badge
    2. Silver Arrow Badge
    3. Gold Arrow Badge

Going on outdoor exploration, learning about nature, new games, sports and camping, are some of the highlights of being a  Scout.

CCA Achievements

YearWest ZoneNational

  • Attained Best Dressed (Pirate Cosplay) in the West Area Campfire - Pirate Night 2019
  • Attained Silver in Frank Cooper Sands Award


  • Attained Gold in Adiji Chief Scout - Cubs West Area Day (Caterpillar Race) 
  • Attained Bronze in Frank Cooper Sands Award


  • Attained Silver in West Area World Scout Day 
  • Attained Bronze in Frank Cooper Sands Award

Photos of Scouts in action

flag bearers.jpg
Flag bearers during National Day Observance Ceremony

tent pitching.jpg
Tent-pitching during Primary 2 CCA Experience

cdc walk.jpg
Southern Ridges Nature Walk in conjunction with South East CDC Walk for Rice

sing a long session.jpgSing-a-along session with actions