Science Club


Students will be able to:

      • Develop an interest in Science through fun, exciting and inquiry-based hands-on activities
      • Extend their knowledge about the World of Science to everydat experiences
      • Generate new knowledge and apply current knowledge to solve authentic problems


Friday7.30am to 8.30amWithin curriculum hours

Teacher IC & Email address

Teacher ICEmail address (ICON)
Mrs Seetoh (Mdm Yak Hui Hwa)
Miss Loh Jun


The Science Club provides students with an interest in Science with opportunities to put on different hats and let creativity and innovation flow as they explore scientific concepts and apply them to solving challenges as an extension to the school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP). During the weekly Science Club sessions, members work together to solve everyday problems. Students make use of the Design Thinking process and Maker-centred approach to help them draft, design and test-run their artefacts as possible solutions to the everyday problems posed to them over a three- to four-week timeframe. 

Science Club members can look forward to visiting Science Fairs, such as Singapore Youth Science Fair, and also taking part in the Science fairs to showcase their products. 

CCA Achievements

science time table 2023_v1.jpg
Photos of Science Club students in action

Project: Simple Toy machines (Making use of recycled materials for their prototypes).

Project: Design and make a portable chair for Senior Citizens


Testing out prototypes

Project: Exploring densities of liquids (Making a Lava Lamp and Density Tower)


Project: Egg Drop Challenge