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P1 & 2 Co-Curricular Programme

Fancy playgrounds, quirky structures, spiralling dominoes and coded games were some of the innovative products created by the P1 and P2 students during this year’s inaugural P1 and P2 Co-Curricular Programme (CCP). Using everyday materials, LEGO bricks and an iPad, students transform the ordinary to the extraordinary while developing 21st Century Competencies such as problem-solving skills, creative confidence and collaborative skills at the same time. As such, the different CCP lessons provide students with the opportunity to tinker and get ‘messy’ and aims to empower students to embrace diversity and be agents of their own success.

lego brick.jpg

lego brick_boy.jpglego brick_girl.jpg

Hmm...what happens if I add in this blue brick? Let me try to figure this out by myself!

ice cream sticks.jpg

lego brick group.jpg

Ready, steady go! We heart dominoes! Little coders in action!

scratch junior.jpg