Students will be able to:

      • Develop their technical and tactical basketball skills
      • Develop camaraderie and teamwork with their fellow teammates
      • Develop a Champion spirit in the pursuit of excellence

Schedule (For all students)

Friday7.30am to 8.30amWithin curriculum hours

After School Practices (For school team)
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Teacher IC & Email address

Teacher ICEmail address (ICON)
Mr Ryan
Mr Nicholas


Development of students is differentiated based on their readiness. After a quick warm up, they are guided through routines like dribbling, lay-ups and ball control. Students with more advanced basketball skills will practise attacking and defensive drills. They will also take part in basketball games to put into practice what they have learnt. School team players work with the coaches on more specific drills such as attack or defence moves and set plays. 

As part of the development, school team players will be able to participate in the National School Games and other inter-school friendly tournaments.

Kranji Basketball has also supported many players to gain entry into secondary schools through Direct School Admission (DSA).  The following are some of the schools that our alumni players have attained entry to through DSA:

      • Bukit Panjang Government High
      • Catholic High School
      • Jurong Secondary
      • Kranji Secondary
      • Nanyang Girls' High
      • Raffles Girls' School
      • Raffles Institution
      • Singapore Chinese Girls' School
      • Singapore Sports School
      • Swiss Cottage Secondary School
      • Unity Secondary

CCA Achievements

YearWest ZoneNationalOthers

Senior Girls - Champion
Junior Girls - Tier 2 Champion


 Senior Girls - Champion
Senior Boys - Top 21

Junior Girls - Top 37
Senior Girls - Champion
Junior Boys - Tier 2 Top 8 

AES 5-a-side Basketball Challenge Cup 2019
- Boys Team (2nd)
- Best Defensive player Award Boys
- Basketball Skills Challenge (Boys) (1st) 

Junior Girls - Champion
Senior Girls - Champion
Junior Boys - Top 8
Senior Boys - Top 16
Junior Girls - 4th
Senior Girls - Champion


Junior Girls - 2nd
Senior Girls - 2nd
Junior Boys - Top 8
Senior Boys - 2nd 
Junior Girls - Top 8
Senior Girls - Champion
Senior Boys - Top 8


Photos of Basketballers in action



Eyes on the prize! Our student athletes receive their well-deserved recognitions for their hard work all year round.


Applying what we learn during training in the competition

Soar for the sky! Watch me score this bucket! 

                  Somebody has to win, so why not me?        

Not going down without a fight

basketball-8.jpgYou miss 100% of the shots that you don't take... I'm definitely taking this one!