Students will be able to:

      • Acquire knowledge and skills in art making and art appreciation
      • Be exposed to various Art mediums
      • Create art with like-minded peers in an aesthetically conducive environment 


Friday7.30am to 9.00amWithin curriculum hours

Teacher IC & Email address

Teacher ICEmail address (ICON)
Miss Fan
Mrs Gwen


The Art Club focuses on letting the students demonstrate their creativity and skills by exploring different genres, mediums and materials. They then translate their ideas and thoughts into actual artworks. Our external instructors lend their expertise to expose students to various art processes as an extension to their weekly art CCA sessions. Some activities that we carry out during Art Club CCA are: 

      • Pottery
      • Acrylic painting
      • Sculpturing
      • Doodling
      • Manga Drawing

In every CCA session, students will be guided by instructors/experienced teachers to handle the different art mediums. The creativity of each student is valued and they are given the freedom to express themselves within the given concept, and constructive feedback is given by the instructor/experienced teachers throughout the art-making process.

CCA Achievements


  • Attained Certificate of Recognition at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Exhibition with mixed media collage, "Embrace Differences. Celebrate" by our P5 and 6 students.
  • Selected to conduct Artists' Talk and fringe activities at the Singapore Museum in conjunction with SYF 2019

  • Attained Certificate of Recognition at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Exhibition with sculpture, "My Magic Playground" by our P5 and 6 students 

Photos of Art Club students in action

art senior.jpg
Art Club seniors expressing their version of Garden City on our very own Doodle wall.

syf group.jpg
A group photo in front of our hard work! (2019 SYF)

art group.jpgArt is best enjoyed with friends

art with pre-schoolers.jpgArt Club students guiding pre-schoolers on how to create an artwork using pipe cleaners