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Character and Citizenship Education

Citizen and Character Education

The aim of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) at Kranji Primary School is to inculcate values and build social emotional competencies so that Kranjians grow up into Gracious Citizens.

The school takes a three-pronged approach in delivering Character and Citizenship Education:


      • Developing School Values and Social and Emotional Competencies
      • Developing Concerned Citizens and Active Contributors
      • Strengthening the Singapore Spirit and inculcating Global Awareness while remaining rooted in Singapore

Developing School Values and Social and Emotional Competencies

Our School Values are Compassion, Integrity, Resilience, Respect and Responsibility and the five Social Emotional Competencies are Self-awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision-Making.  In Kranji Primary School, we leverage on two main curricular platforms to deliver these outcomes:

    i.    Character and Citizenship Education lessons in Mother Tongue Languages teach values, knowledge and skills. Activities include classroom-based lessons as well as home-based action which involve family members.

    ii.    Form Teacher Guidance Period is a weekly platform where form teachers engage in quality interactions with their students and help them strengthen their social and emotional competencies through classroom-based lessons and experiential activities. Form teachers at Kranji Primary School also meet their students at least once a semester for a face-to-face chat so as to get to know their students better.

Developing Concerned Citizens and Active Contributors

Having inculcated the necessary values and socio-emotional competencies in school, the school designs well-curated Values-in-Action (VIA) opportunities for our students to apply what they have learnt.  Our upper primary students are exposed to real-world challenges faced by the needy in the neighbourhood so that they learn to empathize and activate their self-directedness to contribute back to society. The following presents some key VIA programmes of the school:

     i.    Food donation and distribution @ Limbang Senior Activities Centre - As a way to show care for others and contribute to the               community, students collect food every year and distribute them to the needy in the Limbang neighbourhood.

food distribution.jpg

Food Donation and Distribution

    ii.    CCA VIA Outreach @ Sparkletots Kindergarten - Since 2019, our Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) group have linked up with pre-schoolers in the vicinity of the school, to carry out activities with the young children, and share the skills they have learnt in CCA. Through the CCA Outreach, our CCA leaders step out of their comfort zone to demonstrate leadership and also hone their interpersonal skills.

cca via outreach.jpg

CCA Groups Outreach

    iii.    Gratitude Day - Gratitude Day provides an opportunity for our students to show gratitude to the staff (both teaching and non-teaching) for their contributions to the school. Kranjians write 'Thank you' notes and present them to the teaching and non-teaching staff to demonstrate their gratitude to them.

gratitude day.jpg

    iv.    Recycling @ Kranji - Kranjians reflect on the state of the environment and respond to the community, national and global issues by being responsible citizens as they participate in recycling and upcycling efforts both in and out of the school.


Recycling Corner

p2 recycling briefing.jpg

Primary 2 Recycling Briefing

p6 upcycling.jpg
Primary 6 Upcycling

Strengthening the Singapore Spirit and inculcating Global Awareness while remaining rooted in Singapore

The Six National Education Messages are transmitted to Kranjians during Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day through parades, assembly talks, concerts, classroom-based lessons and recess activities.It is hoped that through active participation and sharing of our common Identity, students develop the sense of belonging and commitment to Singapore.

SG United Card Game.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                SG United Card Game

In Kranji Primary, providing cultural immersion experiences through overseas learning journeys is an integral part of the Kranji Experience to enrich our students’ holistic development. In this globalised world, everyone must possess a global outlook and learn to collaborate and communicate with people from different countries, be it for studies, work or play. Such a global outlook is best developed from a young age. The provision of overseas immersion experiences is key to developing this global outlook.

Overseas learning journeys to China and Malaysia are organized to inculcate global awareness in our students. In Primary 5, selected Kranjians have the opportunity to participate in a trip to Suzhou and Shanghai, China.  Through this trip, students learn about the Chinese culture and heritage from visits to places of interests, are exposed to cutting-edge technology from industrial visits, and immerse themselves in experiencing school life in a different setting through interactions with students from our partner schools. In Primary 6, every Kranjian will participate in a trip to Malacca, Malaysia, our closest ASEAN neighbour.The trip exposes them to the rich historical and cultural history of Malacca and hones their cross-cultural skills and sensitivities.  Students also learn valuable life skills such as being resilient and developing independence, and learning to live and collaborate in a team.  

suzhou trip 2019.jpg

malacca trip.jpg