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Weeks of Wonder Projects (WoW)

To deepen children’s learning, each term culminates in a Weeks of Wonder (WoW) project in which children work together with their peers and teachers to investigate topics of their interest. Through the WoW projects, children experience the joy of self-motivated learning and find answers to their questions through exploration and discovery. 

Our MK@Kranji WoW projects:

 Rainbow.pngRainbow and Colours   

The children were interested to find out about the rainbow and the colours of the rainbow. The teachers took them through a process of “I wonder, I find out, I know” to guide their learning in the project.

rainbow and colours.jpginformation through books.jpg

The children shared about information they have researched                            The children looked for information through books. 
 from home. 

explore on colours.jpgmixed primary colours.jpg

The children carried out an experiment to explore colours.                   The children mixed primary colours to find out what other colours                                                                                                                                       they could get.        

mouse craft.jpglearning in a book.jpg

The children created a mouse craft with different colours.         The children consolidated their learning in a book.      


The children were interested to find out about the invention of clocks and how clocks work. The teachers took them through a process of “I wonder, I find out, I know” to guide their learning in the project.

information from books.jpg8.jpg

The children looked for information from books.                         The children shared with each other about information on clocks. 

9.pngpart of clock.jpg

The children took a real clock and studied the clock.                                                                                         
This child shared about the parts of a clock. 

hand made sundials.jpg12.png

The children used their hand-made sundials             The children learnt that the sundial shows time by casting a shadow.  
 to tell the time.               

explorer.pngField Trips

We organise occasional field trips to places of interest, so your child can better understand the people and places in Singapore, and the world they live in. 


Neighbourhood Walk

Children learnt about their community and the people in the community. This trip around the Yew Tee neighbourhood allowed them to understand more about their community. 





Insect and Butterfly Kingdom@Sentosa  

As the children learnt about animals, insects and their life cycles, this trip to Insect and Butterfly Kingdom at Sentosa provided experiential learning for the children as they examined real insects and butterflies. 


display with parrot.jpgsentosa museum.jpg


KidsSTOP@Science Centre

Children learnt about how things work around them. In this trip, children explored how simple things such as gears and electricity work.


kidstop.jpgkidstop roll down.jpg

Leading and Inspiring Families of Early Learners @ MOE Kindergarten (LIFE@MK)

LIFE@MK is a series of workshops conducted by MK educators for parents. We’ll share:

      • What your child learns at MK.
      • Education approaches that are appropriate for your child's development.
      • Practical tips to help you nurture your child's holistic development at home.
      • Information on specific, such as supporting your chils transition to primary school

parent gather up.jpgparent child support.jpg

parent child development.jpgparent MK.jpg