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Our Centre Head

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“When children take ownership of their own learning, they will not forget what they have learnt”.

I believe that learning is a lifelong process. As an early childhood educator, I play an important role in building the foundation of an enjoyable learning journey for children to develop their passion in learning.

At MOE Kindergarten @ Kranji, I aim to create a safe and conducive environment for children to enjoy the process of learning through play and quality interactions. With my team, we look to provide opportunities for children to construct their own knowledge and develop the right attitudes towards learning.

I look to establish a close working relationship with parents as parents are children’s first teachers. Together with my team, we look to share our goals for the children through a consistent teacher-parent communication and common practices that can be established through home-school partnership. I would also work closely with our community partners to inculcate positive values in our young generation.    

Mdm Stacie Ng Wan Yi

Centre Head