KCare Programme

The KCare Programme provides time and space for children to play, explore and discover through a specially designed environment with carefully chosen resources. In addition to the care routines that are expected in the daily programme, the KCare programme provides children with a variety of play experiences in different areas of interest through:

(1)   Modular Activities in the 6 areas of Art & Craft, Tinkering, Cookery, Gardening, Sand & Water Play,  as well as Music, Movement &               Dramatisation.

(2)   Indoor and Outdoor Free Play in the 4 areas of Indoor Construction and Manipulative Free Play, Indoor Dramatic Free Play,                            Outdoor Free Play, and Sand & Water Free Play.

(3)   Field Trips during school holiday.

Modular Activities

Art & Craft: Children will create 2D and 3D artwork using the rich array of resources provided in the Art & Craft activity room. 

KCare Art and Craft (1).jpg

Tinkering: Children will discover how things work by playing with the different materials, including taking apart items and building their creations.

KCare Tinkering.jpg

Cookery: Children will learn how to prepare simple snacks and also develop self-help skills through routines such as serving of food and cleaning up. 

KCare Cookery.jpg

Gardening: Children will have opportunities to explore the garden and find out about nature through their five senses. 

KCare Gardening.jpg

Sand & Water Play: Children will engage with the variety of resources at the Sand & Water play area and develop creativity and problem solving skills through exploration and discovery. 

KCare Sand and Water Play.jpg

Music, Movement and Dramatisation: Children will get to dance and move to music, dramatise stories or role play imaginary scenarios.  Through the process, they can develop confidence in communicating and interacting with others.

KCare Music Movement and Drama.jpg

Indoor and Outdoor Free Play

Children will get to experience the following 4 types of Free Play.

Indoor Construction and Manipulative Free Play: Children will get to play freely with the construction and manipulative resources and develop creativity and problem solving skills through play. 

KCare indoor construction.jpg

Indoor Dramatic Free Play: Children will engage in pretend play and have fun acting out different scenarios together with their friends.

KCare indoor dramatic.jpg

Outdoor Free Play: Children will enjoy outdoor time as they play at the MK playground. 

KCare outdoor free play.jpg

Sand and Water Free Play: Children will explore the play resources freely at the Sand & Water play area and creatively discover multiple ways of playing with sand and water. 

KCare sand and water free play.jpg

Field trips during school holidays