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The Kranji Experience


Welcome to our Virtual Open House microsite. Here, you will find a series of videos that provide a window to the Kranji Experience.  In most of them, you will find our young Kranjians  introducing to you various programmes.  Look out for parent-child bonding activities led by our students in our videos.  Simply click on the link to view the videos and spend quality time with your child by engaging in the activities together as a family.

parent-child-clipart-5.jpgClick on the 'download' button below to access the lesson plans and resources for the parent-child bonding activities! Download now to have some fun and purposeful learning with your child.   

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Junior Tinkering Programme

The Junior Tinkering Programme (JTP) develops children in their critical and inventive thinking skills as they tinker on their mini projects. Through the JTP, students learn essential 21st Century skills such as programming and coding with Ozobot and Scratch Junior as well as build and create with Logo and Strawbees. Watch this video and spend some quality time with your child by building a dream playground together at home.

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Activity Title: Junior Tinkering Programme- Making My Dream Playground

English Reading Programme 

Our reading programme focuses on the development and reinforcement of the key language skills (Reading, Oracy, Listening and Writing) through an enjoyment of the language and promotion of extensive reading. Students are exposed to a wide array of activities that are closely aligned to the STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) programme to build a love for the language and master core language skills progressively. To develop a strong language foundation, students read, listen and view texts so that they can write about and discuss topics of relevance and interest to them. In addition, drama is used as a vehicle to complement the reading programme and to inject an element of fun in language learning. Such social engagement will encourage respectful, confident exchanges, as well as a love and enjoyment of the language that will greatly enhance the motivation to learn it. 

An exciting reader’s theatre performance awaits you! Continue to immerse yourself in the story by following the video to make a chef’s hat and pizza toast with your child. 

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Activity Title: Reading Programme - Reader’s Theatre: The Little Red Hen, How to Make a Paper Chef’s Hat                                            How to Make Pizza Bread

Joyful Learners
Find out more about our interesting and unique learning programmes that are designed to bring about authentic and purposeful learning. 

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Character and Citizenship Education

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) at Kranji Primary School adopts an integrated approach to addressing our students’ development of values, character, social-emotional well-being and citizenship dispositions.  The curriculum includes National Education (NE) events, experiential lessons in the classroom, Values in Action (VIA) activities, Co-curricular activities (CCAs), outdoor activities, Cyber Wellness and peer-support initiatives. We hope to create opportunities for students to develop leadership competencies, as well as a sense of belonging to their school community and the motivation to make a positive difference to self, each other and the wider community. 

Find out more about the character building and leadership development programmes we have in KPS!

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Applied Learning Programme 

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) is specially designed to develop critical and inventive Kranjians. The programme runs through a 3-tiered Approach – Experience, Inquire and Hone, anchored by a strong foundation in Science and Math curriculum. Under the ‘Experience’ tier, the K-Maker programme engages students in the process of making. Students are able to design, experiment, build and invent their prototype with upcycling initiatives in the Makerspace room. Upcycling allows students to be creative as they reinvent unwanted materials and transform them into useful products. Let’s do our part to promote upcycling. Watch the video and learn how to make a paper wallet using a recyclable paper bag. 

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Activity Title: Applied Learning Programme -Making a Paper Wallet

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P4 1:1 Learning Experience
1:1 refers to one device for every student, where students will access learning through the device, both in and out of the classroom. By equipping students with an individual learning device in school, they are able to access the Internet and apps to complete online activities, document their learning progress and save their work across their subjects with ease. 

The main aim of the 1:1 Learning Experience is to enable our students to gain future-ready competencies. By redesigning how teachers teach and how students learn with technology, we strive to create a positive and impactful teaching and learning environment which encourages our students to: 

1) take ownership of their learning 
2) participate in collaborative learning and
3) extend their learning beyond the classroom. 

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Learning for Life Programme 

The Learning for Life Programme (LLP) seeks to nurture Champions in Life through Sports. Our students are exposed to various novelty sports and these sports experiences are complemented by a strong character education programme in the development of Kranjian Champions.

Do join our students for a short workout session at the end of the video! 

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Let's sweat it out together!

Champions in Life

Kranjian Champions are life-long learners who strive to: 

  • Demonstrate resilience and adaptability in the pursuit of their goals
  • Take ownership of their learning
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with others 
  • Lead others and serve the community 

A Day in the Life of a P1 Kranjian

Wonder how a day of a P1 Kranjian looks like? Watch the video below to find out more!

 Arrow Down.png     Click on the interactive boxes in the image below to find out more about our school's unique