Testimonial by a Parent

My children deserve the best – and that’s why I chose Kranji Primary School!

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In my opinion, there is no better primary school in Singapore.

What I love about Kranji Primary is the school’s strong emphasis on moral values as well as studies. Since attending Kranji Primary, my children are polite and well-mannered, especially towards their elders. I see this in their classmates as well, as I am always greeted with a cheerful “Hello Auntie!” whenever I visit the school.

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                                                       A student showing her gratitude and appreciation to one of the cleaners in our school!

I especially value the school’s Applied Learning Programme. By working together with their classmates to find solutions to real-world issues, my children are learning important skills like creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. Programmes like Math Champion Chef and Science Awe and Wonder also translate classroom lessons into real-world applications, which teach my children to be critical and inventive thinkers.

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Students feeling proud and happy with the prototype they have created in their Project Work for the Applied Learning Programme. 

Kranji Primary also provides many opportunities for my children to develop their talents and strengths.  My daughter Hadirah, 12, is a prefect and was a CCA captain. I am happy that the school sees her leadership potential and offers her these extra-curricular responsibilities to nurture her talents and develop her leadership skills.

Other activities beyond the curriculum my children have taken part in include outdoor education camps, Values-in-Action programmes, and overseas trips.

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Every time my children come home, they are so excited to tell me about what they did in school. I am confident that the school is preparing my children well for the future.

But above all, I love the school because of its teachers.

They are kind, helpful, and truly care about my children. They are also very communicative, and always lets me know how my children are doing in school. The teachers believe in my children and go out of their way to teach them well.

Thank you Kranji Primary.

Mdm Erni Binte Kasmuri - Mother of Hadirah (6 Compassion) and Hafiy (5 Respect)