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National Day 2018

Kranjians Celebrating the Nation's 53rd Birthday

It was an amazing National Day Celebration this year. The boy scouts started off the occasion with a solemn observance ceremony which was smartly executed with dignity and pride. As part of the celebration, the ‘Total Vocal’ performing group put on an Acapella performance comprised of a series of iconic National Day and folk songs.  This was swiftly followed by a Games Segment where selected pupils from all levels guessed the names of historical places around Singapore from the 1960s to present. After the Games Segment, our talented P5 pupils performed a series of rhythmic tunes on Ethnic drums, to symbolise harmony among our different races. 

To further heighten the mood, the Primary 5 and 6 pupils produced a mesmerizing rendition of ‘We Are Singapore’. The concert also featured a segment where pupils had to guess the identity of their teachers with only the old photographs to refer to. The response from the pupils was hilarious!  

For the finale, pupils and teachers joined hands and grooved to the songs ‘Reach Out for The Skies’ and ‘Because Its Singapore’. It was truly amazing to witness a sea of red and white bodies swaying to the rhythm and beat of the lively music! 

This National Day Concert was indeed a sight to behold and a memory to treasure for years to come!

Ethnic Drums - Grooving to the Beat
Ethnic Drums Grooving to the Beat.jpg

Heightening the Singapore Spirit!
Heightening the Singapore Spirit!.jpg

Making a Guess on Singapore Historical Places
Making a Guess on Singapore Historical Places.jpg

Observance Ceremony
Observance Ceremony.jpg

P5 and P6 Pupils Singing 'We Are Singapore'                                    Total Vocal Acapella
P5 and P6 Pupils Singing We Are Singapore.jpgTotal Vocal Acapella.jpg

We Love Singapore
We Love Singapore.jpg