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International Friendship Day 2018

‘Celebrating the ASEAN Community’ is the theme for International Friendship Day 2018.  This year IFD was celebrated in Term 2 Week 3.  To commence the IFD celebrations during pre-assembly on 4 April, there was a power-point presentation about IFD and ASEAN.  This was followed by an in-house video production.  The video comprised interviews asking pupils what it means to be part of ASEAN.  During pre-assembly the next day, the school watched a music video celebrating ASEAN’s success over the past 5 decades.  During recess on 6 April, the committee, with support from the PSG, organised an interactive map quiz for pupils on iPads, set up an exhibition corner displaying fun facts and curios regarding ASEAN as well as coordinated a mass folk dance segment in the canteen.  The pupils were thrilled by the range of activities and participated actively to learn more about ASEAN and pick up dance steps from a neighbouring country.  It was indeed a very meaningful and memorable experience for the teachers and the pupils!

A Note of Appreciation
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Exploring Map Quiz                                                                                    Mass Dance !
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Who are the ASEAN members
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