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Student and School Achievement

Student and School Achievements (2018 to 2021)

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Academic Achievement

Event Name



Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad

2020: 4 Silver, 10 Bronze

2019: 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze

2018: 5 Gold, 6 Silver, 9 Bronze

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools

2019: 2 Bronze

Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest

2019: 3 Distinction, 1 Credit

ACS Mathlympics

2018: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze


Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition

Amazing flying.jpg

2021: 2nd place, 3 teams in finals

Mother Tongue Languages – Chinese Language

Memory Games Challenge

FCL memory games.jpeg

2021: Top 3 team

Mother Tongue Languages – Malay Language

Perkasa Warisan Camp for Marsiling – Yew Tee GRC

2019: Top 2 (P4 Teams A & C)

National Malay Language Writing Competition

National Malay.jpg

2019: 2 Silver, 2nd place

Mother Tongue Languages – Tamil Language

Yew Tee CC IEAC – Show & Tell Competition

2019: 3rd place

Tampines CC IEAC - Singing Competition

2019: 1st place

Yew Tee CC IEAC - Fancy Dress Competition

2019: 3rd place

Tirukkural Vizha - Recital Competition

2019: 2nd place

Tirukkural Vizha - Story Telling Competition

2019: 3rd place & Motivational prize

Tirukkural Vizha - Oratorical Competition

2019: 2nd place


CCA Achievement

Event Name



National School Games Basketball Championship

Bball tier 2.jpg

2019: 1st place (Senior Girls), Tier 2 1st Position (Junior Boys)

2018: 1st place (Senior Girls), 4th place (Junior Girls)

National School Games West Zone Basketball Championship

West zone bball.jpg

2019: 1st place (Senior Girls)

2018: 1st place (Senior Girls), 1th place (Junior Girls)


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation - International Dance


2018: Certification of Distinction

Art Club

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation – Visual Arts

2021: Certificate of Recognition

2019: Certificate of Recognition

Stagmont Park Residents’ Committee’s National Day Art Competition

Art competition.jpg

2020: 1st , 3rd , 4th  and 5th place

Cub Scouts

Frank Cooper Sands Award – Cub Scouts

Cub scout.jpg

2019: Silver

2018: Bronze

Cub Scout Mind Quiz

2021: 5th place


School Achievement


School Green Awards


2019: Kopsia Award

2018: Kopsia Award