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Student and School Achievement


Student and School Achievements (2018 to 2022)

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Academic Achievement
Event NameAchievement
 NUS High School Oratorical Challenge
NUS Oratorical Competition 1.jpg
NUS Oratorical Competition 2.jpg
 2022: Commendation Award

 Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad
Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad.jpeg
2022: 3 Gold, 2 Silver, 7 Bronze 
2020: 4 Silver, 10 Bronze
2019: 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 6 Bronze
2018: 5 Gold, 6 Silver, 9 Bronze

 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools
Math Olympiad 2022.jpeg
2022: 1 Bronze
2019: 2 Bronze 

 Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest

2022: 2 Distinction, 5 Merit 
2019: 3 Distinction, 1 Credit
 Annual Mathlympics for Primary Schools
 ACS Mathlympics
2022: 3 Gold 
2018: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
 Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition
Singapore Amazing Flying competition 2021.jpg
 2022: 1 team in finals 
 2021: 2nd place, 3 teams in finals 

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad Competition
Science Olympiad 2022.jpeg
2022: 2 Gold, 1 Bronze

P5 Raffles Science Olympiad 
West Zone Junior Science Whiz Challenge (P6)
National Thinkers Challenge (P5 - Eco Champions)
Science Competition 2022.jpeg
2022: 3 Merit 
2022: 21st to 30th scorer, Audience Round Winner, School Tour Winner
2022: Commendation Award

Mother Tongue Languages - Chinese Language
Memory Games Challenge
Memory Game Challenge 2022.jpg
FCL memory games 2021.jpeg
 2022: Champion

 2021: Top 3 team

National Primary School "Picture Book Creation" Competition
Picture Book Competition 2021 - Silver.jpg
 2021: Silver Award 

Mother Tongue Languages - Malay Language
 Perkasa Warisan Camp for Marsiling – Yew Tee GRC 2019: Top 2 (P4 Teams A & C) 
 National Malay Language Writing Competition
National Malay 2021.jpg
 2019: 2 Silver, 2nd place 

Mother Tongue Languages - Tamil Language
Yew Tee CC IEAC – Show & Tell Competition  2019: 3rd place 
Tampines CC IEAC - Singing Competition 2019: 1st place 
Yew Tee CC IEAC - Fancy Dress Competition  2019: 3rd place 
 Tirukkural Vizha - Recital Competition  2019: 2nd place
 Tirukkural Vizha - Story Telling Competition 2019: 3rd place & Motivational prize
Tirukkural Vizha - Oratorical Competition 2019: 2nd place 

CCA Achievement
Event NameAchievement
 Singapore Olympic Foundation - Peter Lim Scholarship 
Peter Lim Scholarship.png
2022: 3 Encouragement Award

National School Games Basketball Championship
Bball tier 2.jpg
 2019: 1st place (Senior Girls), Tier 2 1st Position (Junior Boys)
018: 1st place (Senior Girls), 4th place (Junior Girls)

 National School Games West Zone Basketball Championship
NSG Basketball 2022.PNG
West zone bball.jpg
 2022: 1st place (Senior Girls), Tier 2 1st Position (Junior Girls),
                Tier 1 (Junior Boys)

 2019: 1st place (Senior Girls) 
 2018: 1st place (Senior Girls), 1th place (Junior Girls)

AES 8-A-Side Football Challenge Cup 
AES Challenge 2022.jpg
 2022: 2nd  place

National School Games Football Competition     
2022: Tier 2 (Junior Boys) 

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation - International Dance
 2018: Certification of Distinction
Digital Media Club
 Swift Explorer Singapore 2022
Digital Media Club Swift Explorer.jpg
2022: Best 20 teams 

Art Club
 Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation – Visual Arts 2021: Certificate of Recognition 
 2019: Certificate of Recognition
 Stagmont Park Residents’ Committee’s National Day Art Competition
FCL memory games 2021.jpeg
 2020: 1st , 3rd , 4th  and 5th place

 Cub Scouts
 Frank Cooper Sands Award – Cub Scouts
Cub scout.jpg
 2019: Silver 
 2018: Bronze

Cub Scout Mind Quiz  2021: 5th place 

School Achievement
School Green Awards
 2019: Kopsia Award
 2018: Kopsia Award