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National Awards

1. Listening Educator for Advancement and Progress (LEAP)  Award 2020

Leap Award 1.png
Congratulations to our Year Head, Mdm Nur Fazalina Bte Hussin, for being awarded the Listening Educator for Advanceent and Progress (LEAP)  Award 2020. 

Here's a special mention of her efforts by Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister of Education:

"One example is Mdm Nur Fazalina Binte Hussin from Kranji Primary School. As the Year Head, she put together a care plan for the students and she went the extra mile to ensure that students lacking the necessary IT equipment could loan a device from school.
Recognising that some of her students' home environments were not conducive for learning, she made it a point to check on them everyday. She also spearheaded the JumpStart@Kranji programme to step up support for students' well-being.
Mdm Fazalina's care extends to more than her students. To her fellow teachers, especially new teachers who just started on their teaching journey, she is like a big sister. Her positive spirit, constant encouragement and guidance has helped to welcome and orientate them to the school." 

2. Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA)  Award 2020

OYEA Award 1.png
Congratulations to Mdm Vivienne Yap for being a recipient of the  Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) 2020.

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1) School Bag: Staying Two Tech Steps Ahead

Teaching digital natives? No problem.  Mdm Vivienne Yap always has a techie technique to capture her students’ attention and immerse them in a world of learning. 

Vivienne OYEA 2.jpg
Vivienne OYEA 1.jpg