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General Information

Assembly / Pledge Taking

All pupils are expected to be present for Assembly and Flag-Raising Ceremony in the morning.

Silent Reading

To promote a reading habit in our pupils, we encourage all pupils to bring a book to participate in the silent reading programme. Pupils are to bring an English book on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Thursdays and Fridays, they are to bring a Mother Tongue story book to school.


Parents are requested to inform the school should your child / ward be absent from school. A medical certificate is required if your child / ward is ill. Otherwise, a letter signed by the parent /guardian is needed to explain the absence.

Leaving the School During School Hours

Pupils are not allowed to leave school during school hours. Parents/ Guardians must produce proper identification and have their particulars recorded personally in the General Office when they bring their child out of school during school hours. 
(Note: Guardians who are authorised by the parent to bring the child back must be at least 18 years old)

Change of Address or Contact Numbers

Parents/ Guardians are to keep the school informed immediately of any change in their addresses, telephone numbers and other contact numbers. This is important as the school may need to contact parents/ guardians in case of an emergency.

Classwork / Homework

Your child is expected to write down homework assigned in the pupils’ handbook. Please check the handbook daily and ensure that all homework assigned is completed. This serves to encourage your child to develop the good habit of completing work on time. Parental supervision is strongly encouraged.

Jewellery and Valuable Items

Pupils are discouraged from wearing any kind of jewellery for safety reasons. Girls may wear plain ear studs. No dangling or elaborate earrings are allowed. Pens, watches, handphones, discman, etc. of excessive value are also discouraged.

Parents / Visitors to School

Visitors to School
Parents / Visitors are requested to obtain a Visitor Pass from the Security Officers before proceeding to the General Office.

Waiting at Dismissal Times
Parents / Guardians shall wait for their child / ward outside the school’s front and side gates. The school’s side gates shall be opened only during peak periods for security reasons.

After School Activities
Teachers shall inform parents, usually in writing, should your child be required to come back or stay back for after school activities. This is also done when after school activities have to be cancelled / postponed due to specific reasons.

Physical Education Lessons & Attire

All pupils are required to participate in PE lessons unless they are ill or certified unfit by a medical doctor. Pupils are required to be appropriately attired in shorts and PE T-shirts for PE lessons. No slippers / sandals are allowed.

Payment of Fees

The school is in the GIRO scheme. Parents are encouraged to pay their children’s fees through GIRO. Deduction will be on 26th of each month.

Accident Insurance

The school will purchase basic accident insurance for all pupils.

Pupil Welfare

If a pupil sustains minor injury in the school, the Class Teacher will attend to the pupil. However, if a pupil sustains a more serious injury, every effort will be made to contact the pupil’s parents / guardians before he is taken to the hospital.

Financial Assistance
  • The school provides financial assistance for needy pupils.
  • The nature of assistance varies, depending on the financial status of the applicants. It includes waiver of miscellaneous fees and free textbooks.
  • Application forms are obtainable through the form teachers or from the General Office.

Fire Drill
The school will carry out the fi re drill once every semester.

Road Safety
The school is very concerned about the safety of the pupils.

Here are some tips on road safety for pupils:
  • Cross roads and traffic junctions where there are pedestrian traffic lights, zebra crossing, overhead bridges & underpasses.
  • Avoid walking in front of buses, lorries or large vehicles that block the oncoming motorist’s view of you.
  • Avoid crossing the road at a “blind spot”.
  • Walk close to the side of the road if there is no footpath and in single file when walking in a group.
  • Wear light coloured clothes at night to be visible to motorist.