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Parent Support Group (PSG)

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Parent Support Group (PSG)

We are the parents of KPS who contribute to the school’s efforts to give our children the best educational experience in KPS.

Our Role:

    • To be a Supportive Partner In Education 
       We complement the school’s efforts by supporting and strengthening school programmes to enhance our children’s well-being and learning.

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Benefits of Joining PSG:

PSG is a great opportunity for us to be closer to our children, understand them better and help them in their education journey. 

Our children benefit when we are more active in the school environment.  They tend to:
    • show more positive attitudes
    • have better school attendance and complete homework more consistently
    • be able to bridge the cultural gap between school and home
    • be less anti-social and less prone to behavioural issues

PSG Focus Group

We are a group of parents who play a key role in inspiring our fellow PSG members and coordinating their time and effort to contribute to the school’s programmes.

Our Roles:

v   To be the Bridge Between Parents and School

·         We facilitate school's communication to parents

·         We listen to parents' feedback and contribute constructive feedback / ideas to improve the PSG and the school

v   To be a Magnet to Attract Other Parents

·         We reach out to other fellow KPS parents and involve them in contribution to make the school environment more conducive for learning.

·         We support and guide our fellow KPS parents in their Parenting journey


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Effective home-school partnership provides a great educational experience for our children. At KPS, we witness many successful parents who are actively involved in their children’s education journey, and their children have demonstrated positive learning attitudes, high self-esteem and are motivated in learning. This is the key driver for us in the PSG Focus Group - to build a strong collaboration with the school.

Kranji’s PSG has a strong network to bridge parent-school communication & support.  PSG Focus Group members show our “Kampung Spirit” through encouraging and supporting one another in our parenting journey.  We communicate regularly and collaborate closely to support school activities.

We hope to see more active parent participation in our programmes so as to maintain a successful PSG-school community that raises happy and successful Kranjians!

Joreen Ong, PSG Coordinator

Together with the school, parents play an important role in enriching our children’s development. 

1)  Our participation in school programmes sends a strong signal to our children that we are interested in their learning and that we are walking the journey with them.

2)  We believe that our collaboration with the school will raise happy and successful children and help us forge closer bonds with them.

3)  We also hope to make lasting memories for every Kranjian on their primary school life.  Hence, I encourage all parents to join hands and support our children in school whenever you are available.  Together, we will support the school in building the Kranjian spirit in our children!

Minh, PGS Coordinator

PSG Involvement

Chinese New Year
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Lower Primary Games Day


Children’s Day

Parent-Child Bonding
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Parent-Child Bonding Fun With Mosiac                                                                                Parent-Child Bonding Jumping Clay Art

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Parent-Child Bonding Magic Tricks & Scavenger Hunt                                                Parent-Child Bonding Water Colour Painting

Teacher's Day Celebration
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P6 Graduation
Encouraging Notes to P6 students from PSG 2021.jpeg

Parenting Talk
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