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P1 Orientation 2020 FAQ

Kranji Primary School
P1 Orientation 2020
Question and Answer

1.      Which school books should the children bring on the first few day of school? Will the time- table be given out on the            first day of school?

        Students only need to bring their pencil case, colour pencils, student handbook (given to students on first day of school), food,            water bottle and money on the first three days of school. They will bring selected books and files to school from the fourth day of        school onwards, according to the list of items written in the Parent’s Handbook that has been distributed during Admin Day. The        class time-table will be given out on the second week of Term 1. 

2.      Can my child just bring and wear face mask, without the face shield? We taught her to take off her mask when                        eating/drinking and put on her mask any other time. We want to keep her bag clean and light.

       Students have to wear their face masks in school. They are strongly encouraged to wear their face shields when they are eating        and drinking during recess and snack time. 

3.      What is the allowed mask colors / design?

       Students can wear face masks of varying colours and design.


4.      What is the recommended amount of allowance for my child to bring to school? Is $2 too much?

       The amount of allowance given is dependent on what the student buys during recess. $2 is a general guide for parents. The              price for a typical set meal in school ranges between $1.50 & $1.70 depending on the type of meal and portion selected.

5.    How long can parents stay on the first day? Are we allowed to eat with them during recess time?

       Parents can stay in school from 8am to 12nn on the first day of school as a series of talks have been planned for them. They              can also watch their children during recess from a distance. However parents will not be eating together with their children                  during recess time. 

6.    Can parents come to observe recess time on the second and third day?

       Parents cannot come in to school to watch their childen during recess time on the second and third day.

7.    How can we be updated on what our children are learning every day so that we can revise at home. Can the teachers update homework on Class Dojo?

Students are strongly encouraged to be responsible for their learning. They have to write down their homework in their Student’s Handbook. Parents can check with the subject teachers if they would like to know their child’s progress via Class Dojo, email or messages in the Student’s Handbook.

8.      Will there be homework every day?

The homework given is dependent on the content covered by the respective teachers. Thus, this may vary every day. 

9.      Is there a lost and found corner? What if my child loses his belongings?

Kindly label all your child’s belongings with his/her name and class. Lost items will be returned to your child via his Form Teachers. Alternatively, they can approach the office staff in the General Office if they have lost their belongings.


10.     Can children put on smart watch?

   Students should not bring expensive items to school as they may not be able to take good care of them. 

11.     If my son is riding a bike, can he leave his bike in school and ride home after school dismissal?

    For safety reasons, Primary 1 students are not encouraged to ride their bikes to and from school as they may not know the     traffic rules well and possess sufficient skills to ride on roads where the risk of fatal accidents is higher.


12.      What are the measures taken to ensure that there is no bullying?

          Students have to inform their teachers immediately when they are being bullied. The teachers will investigate and manage the           incident accordingly. Our Subject and Form Teachers, Yeah Head and Student Management Head will also discipline the students     when the need arises.

13.      The sales period is from 30 Nov to 4 Dec. May I confirm if I can order uniforms online & collect from school? When I            called the vendor, they gave me the option of online courier delivery or collect from the Geylang shop.

     Yes, parents of Y2021 Primary 1 students can purchase the uniforms online and arrange to collect from the school between 30             Nov & 4 Dec, 9 am to 3 pm.  Please visit our school website via this link: https://kranjipri.moe.edu.sg/for-parents/2020-year-end-        textbook-and-school-uniform-sales for the available sale channels and period.

     For enquiry, please call the school's General Office or contact the school uniform vendor, In-Trend Uniforms, at 6741-0930 or                 email sales@itu.com.sg.

14.      The black school socks are currently out of stock. Can we buy black socks from outside?

              The black socks (with school logo) will be available for sale from 30 Nov  to 4 Dec. Please visit our school website via this link:                          https://kranjipri-moe-edu-sg-admin.cwp.sg/for-parents/2020-year-end-textbook-and-school-uniform-sales for the available                        sale channels and period.

15.      I have not been contacted by the school bus vendor. When will they reach out to inform us on the timings and payments?

            As stated in the vendor bus booking form, vendor will confirm the bus fee, vehicle registration number, timing and pick-up/drop-off             location in late December (after Christmas Day).  Vendor will be calling the parents who had submitted the bus booking forms by                30 Nov 2020 to discuss the details.  If you have not heard from them by 30 Nov 2020, you may call them or contact the school’s                     General Office at tel: 6763-4812 for further assistance.  The vendor’s contact details are as follows:

Chang Chen Pte Ltd
Tel: 6760-4835
Contact Person: Mr Grif

16.      What financial assistance is available for families who do not meet the FAS requirement but need help?

          Parents of Singaporean students who cannot meet the income criteria under the MOE-Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) but                   require financial assistance for the schooling needs of their child may write to the school at kranji_ps@moe.edu.sg.

17.      When will the student be given the ez link card? Will it be processed by the school?

              MOE will conduct a yearly exercise (usually in the 1st quarter of the year) to take photo for all students in Primary One (P1) for                      the issue of the School Smart Card (SSC).  The SCC will be printed and issued to the students by end of April, barring any                                    unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. COVID-19) that may delay the printing and issuance of the cards.  

               Meanwhile, your child can continue to use his/her Child Concession Card which will expire on 30 April of the year that your child                 turns 7 years old.  However, he/she will need to switch to a primary school’s School Smart Card after 30 April (unless extension is                 given by the authorities due to unforeseeable circumstances such as COVID-19).

18.      Can you resend the Whatsapp link for PSG please?

              The link can be found in the deck of slides that have been uploaded on our school website.

19.      As a PSG member, is it compulsory to attend the event as I also have a full time job?

      You are encouraged to attend the PSG events/activities whenever you are free to do so.