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International Friendship Day 2017

Kranji Primary School celebrated International Friendship Day (IFD) on the 3rd of April 2017. The theme for this year’s celebration was ‘ASEAN 50’. The aim of this year’s celebration was to create awareness for the pupils to understand the purpose of ASEAN in terms of its roles, importance as a regional organisation and to value the relationships among the countries in ASEAN.  In line with the theme, the school prepared a series of programmes to commemorate this special day.

During the assembly programme, pupils learnt about the roles and responsibilities of the ASEAN community with a video presentation. We also had pupils from Singapore, Bangladesh, China, Philippines and Indonesia sharing with our pupils about the importance of ASEAN. The highlight of the programme was a splendid display of various cultural costumes by pupils with the song “Let It Go’, from the popular movie ‘Frozen’, sang in 25 different languages. Pupils were exposed to the different international languages used around the world. This allowed them to appreciate and show respect to the differences in languages.


Pupils had the opportunity to immerse and find out more about the culture of ASEAN countries through the Recess Activity Booths, P6 Social Studies Friendship Band hands-on lesson and CCE Classroom Activities. Through IFD, we want to nurture in pupils the spirit of friendship and collaboration with their international peers.

We would like to thank the parents’ support group in this event by providing us with help, costumes and photographs for the exhibition.

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