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Social Media Guidelines @ Kranji Primary School

Connect with us via social media!

To help ensure that online interaction remains meaningful and constructive for everyone, we ask that you be sensitive to the significant impact that it can have on our students, staff and education fraternity.  As an education institution, we have a reputation to maintain. We hope that everyone can be responsible when connecting with us through social media.

We reserve the right to edit and/or remove our own social media posts. We also reserve the right to moderate, remove or hide any content that is  inappropriate or objectionable, and to block or ban users who violate these social media community guidelines. The following are examples of content, including comments, posts, images and videos, which may be removed:

    • Cyber-bullying, abusive, threatening, hurtful or defamatory comments (i.e. making negative personal comments about the school, students or staff) and false accusations. 

    • Violation of the privacy of our students and staff; by disclosing personal data such as their names, NRIC numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, email addresses.

    • Off-topic and redundant comments. This includes promotion of events, groups, pages, websites, organisations and programmes not related to or affiliated with our school.

    • Vulgarities, offensive language or "hate speech" (e.g. on topics such as politics, race, ethnicity, religion or gender).

    • Content that infringes copyright or which may contain confidential or proprietary information.

    • Fake news, falsehoods and "doxxing".

By posting content to our social media pages (e.g. in the form of wall posts, photos, comments, etc), you understand that this information is publicly accessible, and that we may use this information in our publications and other communications. 

By participating on our social media channels, you agree to abide by the community guidelines stated above. We believe that the guidelines will help us to do our part in building an online community that is beneficial to all.

Kranji Primary School reserves the right to suspend and remove comments at any time if your posted comment(s) does not meet the above guidelines. If you feel that your comment meets these criteria but has not been approved, then please get in contact with us via our school email: kranji_ps@moe.edu.sg.

We assure you that we read every comment, and respond wherever we can either as a personal message or a collective statement. While we try to be prompt, we cannot always assure a timely response. We seek your understanding under such circumstances.

Thank you.