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School Creed, Crest and Song

School Creed

We, the students of KPS,
pledge to be exemplary in character at all times.
We will respect ourselves and others
and be responsible for our learning and actions.
We will show care, uphold integrity
and persevere in everything we do
to achieve success

School Crest


               The school logo is formed by the 3 letters K, P and S, a scroll, a rising sun,
               an open book
and a foundation. K, P and S are the initials of the school name,
underpin the school motto. 

Symbols in the School Crest:

The rising sun

Signifies a new beginning and the school rising to great heights.

The book with the word ‘Knowledge’

Represents the acquisition of new knowledge

The scroll with the KPS acronym

Represents a new beginning for every student as he or she enters primary school and embarks on a journey of lifelong learning.

The foundation with the words ‘Practice’ and 'Success'

Symbolizes the school’s belief that having acquired learning, the knowledge will be put into practice so as to be able to achieve success.

Colours of School Crest:


Symbolises a bright and brilliant future filled with joy, hope and happiness


Signifies the depth and stability that knowledge brings to our students.

School Son
At Kranji we learn to work and play.        
Making the most of each new day.
Giving our best in all that we do.
Living our values every day.
It's here where we aspire,  to be joyful learners.
Strive to be, gracious citizens.
Give our best, to be champions in life every day.

It's here where we belong, in this family.
We'll learn and play,  with our friends and teachers.
Do our best, And we'll live up to our promise.

Through knowledge and practice we'll succeed.
Following faithfully our creed.
Working together hand in hand.
Showing our love for KPS.