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Principal's Message

21 and Growing!

This year Kranji Primary celebrates another milestone in the school’s history – our coming of age!     

Kranji Primary was established as a government school in 1997.  It was officially declared open in 1999 and remained at the current location in the Chua Chu Kang neighbourhood since its inception.  Over the years, it has undergone several infrastructure expansion projects.   In 2002, it went through PRIME, the Programme for Rebuilding and Improving Existing schools, during which a new block of classrooms and computer laboratories were added to the school campus.      

Later, in 2013, planning started for redeveloping the school further to support holistic education under the Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) recommendations.  Construction work on the project, also known as PERI Upgrading only began in late 2016. The project was finally completed in June this year, after much anticipation.  We now have an Annex Block which houses additional facilities such as a room for the Programme for Active Learning (PAL), Dance Studio, Teaching Laboratory, Student Care Centre and an Indoor Sports Hall.      

Now, in 2018, we’re twenty-one and still growing! Retrofitting works for an MOE Kindergarten and Kindergarten Care Centre are underway and due for completion at the end of September, all ready for operations in 2019.  The rest of the school campus will soon be getting a fresh coat of paint while the school field, one of the few full-sized football fields in primary schools, will have its synthetic turf replaced.  In terms of infrastructure and facilities, our school is indeed richly endowed.      

However, all of us know very well that a school is not just about its buildings.  It’s the people in it, how they build relationships with one another, learn together and create experiences together that give life to the school.  Here in Kranji Primary, we have certainly created many meaningful experiences with the 21 batches of students who passed through our school gates, in both the academic as well as non-academic domains.      

Through the years, we have consistently developed our students’ interests in sports and the performing arts.  We’re doing well in Basketball especially, and in Dance; so much so that the misinformed think that we focus only on playing.  How wrong can they be!  Yes, we play hard but we also work hard and we deliver!     

We believe that through the dedication and care of our teachers, school leaders, administration staff and the support of parents and other partners in education, past and present, we have nurtured many Kranjians by giving them a firm foundation in the academic domains as well as in character building, so that they can further develop their potential in the secondary and tertiary years and beyond.

Many of our alumni are now very successful and doing their part in contributing to society and the nation and we wish to claim some credit for that.  Among our alumni, the oldest of whom are just touching 32 years old, are professionals in various fields such as doctors, lawyers, journalists, teachers, sportsmen, artistes and more.       

To name a few: 

Andy Goh (2002) – doctor, Shannon Chua (2005) – lawyer, Geraldine Yap (2005) – radio broadcast journalist, Siti Nadzinah Binte Hamzah (2002) – teacher, Delvin Goh (2007) – professional basketballer and Adelene Stanley (2007) – professional dancer. A good number of our alumni are also scholars, such as Daniel Martin (2008) – MOE scholar and Alfred Chin (2005) - A*Star scholar who recently graduated from the University of Cambridge and is now pursuing a double PhD - Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy.  Alfred will eventually take up a career as a clinician scientist.      

We are very proud of our alumni and hope that our current students will draw inspiration from their seniors to persevere, pursue their passion and find their own niche in life.    

As our school moves into the next phase with the addition of the kindergarten section, we look forward to having the continued support of all our partners in education. Together, we can make great things happen and develop Kranjians to be Joyful Learners, Gracious Citizens and Champions in Life as our journey continues.