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Principal's Message

Welcome to Kranji Primary School!  My colleagues and I have spent much time and effort to put together the content that you see on our website, which showcases the unique value propositions and rich programmes of our school.  Before you proceed, allow me to provide a short introduction of what is important to us, and has been keeping us busy.

Nurturing Future-Ready Learners

Kranji Primary School is committed to provide a forward-looking learning experience in the school so that all our students can be future-ready at the end of their six years with us.  The EXCITE Learning Approach (EXperiential, Character Focused, Inquiry Based, Technology Mediated, Positive Education Driven) outlines what our Kranjians experience here in Kranji Primary on a daily basis, and is a consolidation of how learning is designed, curated and enacted in Kranji Primary School (KPS).  You can read more about it on our dedicated webpage https://kranjipri.moe.edu.sg/our-curriculum/excite-learning-approach 

Central to EXCITE are our key programmes, including the 1:1 Learning Experience that provides all our P4 & P5 students with an iPad for learning, our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) that focuses on Nurturing Joyful Learners through Critical and Inventive Thinking, as well as our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) that focuses on Developing Champions in Life through Sports.  To build our teachers’ competencies in the classroom, we have taken on Differentiated Instruction as a school-wide professional development endeavor, with the purpose to meet the diverse learning needs of all students in order to maximize their progress in learning.  In embracing technology in our classrooms, our teachers spend much time learning about e-Pedagogy in order to create new learning possibilities afforded by digital technologies.  Since 2020, we have also embarked on a partnership with the National Healthcare Group to inculcate positive health habits and increase motivation in our students, through the infusion of Growth Mindset messages into our P1 to P4 lessons.

All of the above, in our belief that Every Kranjian Matters and Deserves the Best, and our commitment to provide the best all-rounded education to your child that is in tune with the times. 

Culture of Care

To support the above, Kranji Primary has a strong culture of care.  We value every child who comes to us, regardless of ability and background, and believe that every student wants to succeed, and that all can learn.  We have dedicated and experienced teachers and para-educators here in Kranji Primary who provide holistic care to our students beyond the academic.  Each form class is supported by at least three form teachers.  We have dedicated Year Heads who look after the Lower, Middle and Upper Primary levels respectively, and a team of specialists who include a Senior School Counsellor and allied educators specializing in Learning and Behavioural Support.  Our teachers work very closely with parents and specialists to provide the best care to each of our Kranjians, to support them in their holistic growth.


Since 2020, we have seen a string of achievements in the student and staff domains.  My colleagues achieved various national-level awards like Outstanding Youth in Education Award, LEAP Award, Fellow of Academy of Singapore Teachers Award, National Day Award Commendation Medals and Long Service Medals, and MOE Service Excellence Awards.   Concurrently, they are leaders in the fraternity with sharings at various national seminars and conferences in the areas of Math, Project Work, Malay Language and Chinese Language.  This is testament to the quality educators that we have in our midst at Kranji Primary School.  On the student front, we have achievements across multiple fronts including Math Olympiads, academic competitions, National School Games Basketball Championships, Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation (International Dance & Visual Arts).  Follow this link for a list of our school achievements https://kranjipri.moe.edu.sg/life-at-kranji/achievements/student-and-school-achievement.

Take time to navigate the information on our website and learn about what Kranji Primary School has to offer.  Better still, check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts, where we update school happenings on a very regular basis.

In line with our school motto Knowledge, Practice, Success, we look forward to partnering you to build a strong foundation (Knowledge) and cultivate essential skills and attitudes (Practice) that would position your child to be ready for the future (Success).

Your Partner in Education

Mdm Goh Meei Yunn