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Principal's Message

Welcome to Kranji Primary School!  My colleagues and I have spent much time and effort to put together the content that you see on our website, which showcases the unique value propositions and rich programmes of our school.  Before you proceed, allow me to provide a short introduction of what is important to us, and has been keeping us busy.

Kranji Primary School is committed to provide a forward-looking learning experience in the school so that all our students can be future-ready at the end of their six years with us.  The pandemic has accelerated the changes to how our teachers interact with our students, both in the physical classroom and in the online space.  Riding on the momentum that home-based learning has created, we are confident that our students are well primed for technology-mediated learning. The Ministry of Education (MOE) is progressively rolling out the use of personal learning devices (PLDs) to all secondary school students from 2021.  Taking a leaf from MOE’s initiative and in consideration of our students’ readiness for technology-mediated learning, our school will be piloting 1:1 Learning Experience for all our P4 students this year. 1:1 refers to one device for every student, where students will access learning through the device, both in and out of the classroom.  We hope to scale this up to our Upper Primary levels in due time. While this programme is a concerted level-wide effort for the P4s, all teachers in KPS are equally committed to bring the experience of learning with technology to our pupils in our other levels.

2021 is also the second year of implementation of our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) that focuses on Nurturing Joyful Learners through Critical and Inventive Thinking.  Regardless of the Covid situation, we had a good start in 2020, and embarked on the implementation of our repackaged inter-disciplinary Project Work for P3 to P6 students.  Students were challenged to apply their concepts and process skills learnt during Math and Science lessons, to solve authentic problems beyond the classroom, using the 5-stage Design Thinking Process and integrating Maker-Centered approaches.  To top it off, our specially-designed MakerSpace was officially opened at the end of 2020, and we look forward to bringing the Maker movement into KPS this year.  Our lower primary students did not miss much, as they benefited from the weekly Junior Tinkering Programme that exposed them to coding, basic ICT skills, robotics and more, designed and conducted in-house by our own teachers.

On the student front, we have embarked on a collaboration with the National Healthcare Group (NHG) to support us in our efforts to inculcate positive health habits and increase motivation in our students.   Since 2020, we have embraced Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck’s seminal work on Growth Mindset.  With NHG’s support, Growth Mindset has been infused into various subjects in the P1 curriculum for 2021.  For all students, we continue to emphasise our 6 Growth Mindset messages (I Can Grow my Brain; I Love to Learn; I Embrace Challenges; I Give my Best; I Learn from my Mistakes; I Learn from Others) to the entire population in a big way.  We are confident that our students will benefit greatly from internalising these 6 messages and enacting them in their daily lives. 

2020 has been a bumper year for the school in terms of Staff Achievements.  Our colleagues achieved various national-level awards like Outstanding Youth in Education Award, LEAP Award, Associate of Academy of Singapore Teachers (Researcher) Award, and 10 MOE Service Excellence Silver Award.  This is testament to the quality educators that we have in our midst at Kranji Primary School.

In line with our school motto Knowledge, Practice, Success, we look forward to partnering you to build a strong foundation (Knowledge) and cultivate essential skills and attitudes (Practice) that would position your child to be ready for the future (Success). 

Take time to navigate the information on our website and learn about what Kranji Primary School has to offer.

Your Partner in Education
Mdm Goh Meei Yunn