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Tamil Language


Our Vision

The Tamil Department aims to imbue in pupils the love and appreciation for the Tamil Language and Culture through joyful and engaging language learning experiences.

Our Mission

To empower Tamil pupils to be confident and competent users of the Tamil Language.

Signature Programme


  • Build confidence in self-expression
  • Write and present scripts
  • Discover the process of news creation for broadcast
  • Practise writing news in standard reportable formats
  • Learn the art of presentation to be a junior reporter

Experiential Learning Journey – Pongal Experience

Pongal is a harvest festival which originated in India. In Singapore, the annual Pongal festival is a month-long celebration with highlights such as a street light-up and a mini spectacle of cows, bulls, calves and goats in Little India.

On 19th January 2018, the P4 and P6 TL pupils joined in the celebration at Hastings Road and had a great time of fun and learning with various hands-on activities. The finale was a song and dance item.

Pupils had a close-up of cows, calves and goats and could not contain the excitement!Pongal_1.jpg

Kranjians enjoying the festive song and dance!


Pupils also learned the Peacock and Bull Fighting Dances, accompanied by loud music



Pupils trying their luck at the traditional Pot Breaking Game

Kolam (traditional floor art) designing and colouring was fun for everyone!

Indian folk game "Eripanthu" encouraged playful interaction while improving the Tamil vocabulary

Pupils proudly displaying the banana-leaf woven baskets

Chefs in the making as our pupils learned to make Coconut Laddu, an Indian delicacy

TL Competitions

  1. Our pupils displaying their skills and talents at the Yew Tee CC’s 12th Inter Primary Talent Quest Competition.
Ananthana's Champion performance in the Fancy Dress Segment

"Playground" was the theme of KalaiVadhana's portrayal in the Show and Tell contest

Prathikaa gave a superb description in the Show and Tell Contest

Our singing nightingale, Madhumita, performing a heart-warming song in the Singing Contest

Advaita's loud yet sweet song captured the audience's attention

Education is the Heights' was the theme of Vishnuvardhan's powerful speech

During the Impromptu Speech, Sanjana, saluted Mr Lee Kuan Yew's and Singapore's legacy

Pupils proudly displaying their achievements as proud parents and supporters graced the stage. Kudos Kranjians!
Group Pix.jpg

 2. Sadhanaa and Kirthana made the school proud in the MAGO National Story Telling Olympiad