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Kindergarten Care (KCare)

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Kindergarten Care @ MK Kranji by NASCANS

Kindergarten Care @ MK Kranji by NASCANS

NASCANS Kindergarten Care aims to work closely with MOE Kindergarten at Kranji to deliver quality kindergarten care services to your child. We endeavor to maintain high standards of professionalism and close communication with both the school management and parents, for the overall benefit of your child.

Kindergarten Care (KCare) is available in all MOE Kindergartens (MK) located within primary schools providing the convenience of a full-day service. The aim of the KCare Programme is to provide a safe and conducive environment for children to play, explore and discover. Children will have a variety of experiences and develop skills, values and dispositions through their play and exploration.

The objectives of the KCare Programme are to:

1.   Build confidence (e.g. communicating with others)

2.   Build social skills (e.g. playing together, taking turns)

3.   Be independent and develop self-help skills (e.g. cleaning up after eating)

4.   Nurture values and dispositions (e.g. responsibility, care, respect, perseverance, appreciation and reflectiveness)

Operating Hours

KCare@Kranji operates from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, including school holidays. It is closed on public holidays and up to 6 additional days each year.


KCare@Kranji is only available for children enrolled in MOE Kindergarten (MK) Programme@Kranji. For parents who are interested to enrol your child into KCare, kindly approach the MK Office for registration details.