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Information & Communication Technology

Kranji Primary School believes that every child matters. We groom our pupils to be a motivated learner, responsible netizen and joyful innovator through harnessing the affordances of Information Communication Technology (ICT). Our aim is to equip all Kranjians, using ICT, to be lifelong learners.  


Motivated learners, responsible netizens, joyful innovators


Equipping every Kranjian in using ICT to be lifelong learners

Learning Management System

Kranji Primary School leverages on MC Online (formerly known as as the e-learning portal for all levels, from Primary 1 to 6. With their personalized accounts, pupils are given the opportunity to explore additional resources and enjoy out-of-classroom experience.

ICT Facilities

The school has three computer laboratories and three mobile carts equipped with laptops optimised for teaching and learning purposes. We have also one cart of iPads. We have put in a lot of resources for mobile learning to take place. In collaboration with both the instructional and non-instructional programmes, pupils have opportunities to maximise their learning experience through research with the help of our ICT resources.   

ICT Baseline Skills Training

All pupils go through a vigorous yet interesting ICT training in various Microsoft skills and Web 2.0 tools. They are given opportunities to apply their skills in the various subjects. The pupils are taught a wide array of ICT skills according to the ICT baseline standards stipulated by MOE. A systematic equipping structure is set up to ensure that all pupils are trained proficiently in all the skills and cyber etiquette at the end of their six years with us. These skills will form a baseline and better equip them to face the challenges of an evolving ICT landscape as they progress to higher education and eventually the workforce.

Primary 1Microsoft Paint
Primary 2HansVision ( for Chinese Language )
Email & Sharp Art (using MS PowerPoint)
Primary 3Microsoft Word 2010 processing
Primary 4Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 presentation
Primary 5Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet

Pupils working independently in the computer lab


Pupils using iPads to enhance learning