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Visitors From United Kingdom

It was early in the year, 30 January, when the school hosted a group of 5 visitors from the United Kingdom. 

There were educators from the Manchester Teaching School Alliance and comprised of two Deputy Head Teachers, a Phase Leader and two teachers of different schools and grade levels. They were in Kranji Primary to find out more about how the school teaches Mathematics and the programmes we have to enrich pupils’ experience and strengthen learning.  

 Sharifah Alysa Binte Shahrul and Piety Angelique Barzuela Belisario, both of Primary 4 Appreciation said proudly, “We were so happy that the UK visitors came to our class. Our form teacher told us about the visitors a few weeks ago. We specially drew cards for each of them
Sharing with the visitors on Singapore Mathematics curriculum and our school’s programmes.   

 Showing how our Mathematics teaching packages are used in class.

Primary 4 Appreciation was one of two classes that had the privilege of hosting the visitors during their Mathematics lesson.

Having a dialogue with our staff over tea with local snacks served. 

Gifts of paintings and photographs done by the students of the Manchester Schools.