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The Student Leaders Investiture

The annual Student Leaders' Investiture was held on 21 March 2016. In Kranji Primary School, every student is a leader. The first part of the ceremony started with the appointment of class leaders and class committee members. The Assistant Year Heads of the respective levels presented the badges to the class leaders. Next came the appointment of the student leaders. New P4 student leaders and the 2016 EXCO Members were introduced and appointed. The Head Prefect, Qiao Jing from 6 Compassion, addressed the school and led the student leaders in their pledge. In her speech, she urged fellow students to be pro-active in the Students’ Suggestion Scheme as it is a platform for their voices to be heard and represented. All the student leaders came together to pledge commitment, time and effort in serving the school with humility, pride and inspiring others in the process.