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Speak Good English Week 2015

The Speak Good English Week is an exciting annual event in Kranji Primary and the one for 2015 was a refreshing and informative one. With the objective of inculcating in pupils the importance of speaking good English that is universally understood, the week kicked off with an assembly programme on 6 April. Kranjians were entertained by comical videos shown to demonstrate the problems that arise with speaking Singlish and the common mistakes made by Singaporeans.   

 Pupils’ language skills were put to the test as they took part in fun-filled language-based activities during lessons as well as recess breaks. Various engaging learning tasks were conducted for every level. With all the activities, it was no wonder that the school was abuzz with pupils practising their spoken English. It is hoped that through such programmes, pupils will understand the importance of good oral language skills.

Did you try the language activities? We did and it was fun!image008.jpg