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Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew

On 26 March, our Principal, Mrs Loh Meng Har led a small contingent of pupils and teachers to pay our last respects to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew at the Parliament House.  Our pupils presented their condolences to Mr Lee’s family in the form of condolence cards and flowers.


The day before on 25 March, another group of student leaders accompanied by our Vice-Principals, Miss Ng Swee Lin and Mr Simon Gan went to the Chua Chu Kang Community Tribute Site to pay tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  The pupils learnt about the late Mr Lee’s contribution to Singapore through personal recounts and viewed many photographs of him interacting with Choa Chu Kang residents over the years. The exhibition also featured Mr Lee’s nation-building work over the decades; from the early difficult years to the status of being a developed country now.


Mdm Sng Lai Ho, one of our Operations Support Officers recounted the early years and broke into tears. She said in Mandarin, “If not for Mr Lee, we will not be where we are today. I have great respect for him. Therefore, I must come to pay tribute to him.”


The school conducted our own tribute ceremony as well. We had an observance ceremony which was held at the School Quadrangle on 27 March.  Mrs Loh read a message of condolence and this was followed by a minute of silence as a mark of respect to Mr Lee, the great founding father of our nation
The whole school gathered at the quadrangle for our observance ceremony.

Mrs Loh leading the one minute of silence.

Waiting in line to pay our respect outside Parliament House. .

A table set up outside Parliament House for people to leave their flowers and cards.

Kranjians penning down their thoughts while waiting orderly in lines.

Everyone was invited to write our messages and thoughts on Mr Lee Kuan Yew. These were displayed at the boards specially set up.

Look at the black and white photographs of Mr Lee! They have become sepia over the years.

A bow of respect by staff and students at the Chua Chu Kang Community Tribute Centre.

A tribute board was set up at our NE Hub.