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Play Cool Sport

Our PE department's Play Cool Sports was held from 31 August to 2 September 2015, our Primary Three pupils took part in the programme which aims to develop our pupils holistically through the introduction of various sports. Prior to the programme, an online registration on the selection of sports like handball, inline skating, rope skipping and tag rugby was conducted for our pupils. During the three days of sports enrichment programme, our pupils enjoyed their choice of sports tremendously. Their exposure to the new sports, the many new friends made their “falls” endurable and enjoyable. Despite the challenges, our Kranjians lived up to expectations as they fostered school core values like perseverance and compassion in the process. What great fun and laughter they had! Well done Kranjians!


 Skating is so much fun even though I may fall!


Onward I charge, Forward We Go!


Pupils listen attentively during the demonstration.


 Pupils learn to work in teams with school mates from other classes.