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Parents Learning Day

Friday, 13 March 2015 was a special date for parents with the school – a talk was organised as part of Parents’ Learning Day. From 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm, parents sat entranced by the speaker who was talking about “Parenting in the Digital Age”. Mr Chong Ee Jay, Assistant Manager of TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW), a service of TOUCH Youth, spoke passionately on the importance of keeping up with information technology in order to understand the children better. Parents were also brought on a journey to discover the cyber world through the eyes of youths. The speaker shared insights on the social impact of cyber wellness issues as well as offer practical tips and examples so that parents can better manage their children’s online behaviour.

A second talk on “Effective Study Skills Tips for Children and Parents” was presented by Mdm Juliana Binte Johari who is the Subject Head of Pastoral Care in Kranji Primary School. She had this to say, “In understanding children and how they learn, parents have a vital role to play in giving support and providing guidance on life-long learning skills. This will take your child into adulthood.” 

Mr Chong Ee Jay giving an eye-opening and informative talk. 

Listening carefully so as not to miss out the gems that were shared by the speaker.